The current state of the Perl recruitment market


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As part of my Perl Recruitment series I recently delivered a presentation on the current state of the Perl Recruitment market.

You can now view the presentation I delivered on the current state of the Perl recruitment market at YAPC, below.

You can also view the presentations slides here; Rick Deller: The Current State of the Perl Recruitment market

We have returned to the office in a positive mood as the Perl Recruitment market feels both strong and exciting. We are now even busier with lots of new Perl jobs with both new and existing Perl clients. Our database of Perl Developers has also grown impressively so we look forward to working with all our new contacts to match the people to the right jobs.

If you would like to discuss any elements of my presentation I am more than willing to speak on the phone. Alternatively if you would like advice on your Perl career or perhaps finding the best people join your team, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Phone: 020 8944 4187
Twitter: @PerlRick

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