Fancy dress and festive fun at the Eligo Christmas Party!


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Here at Eligo we like to really get into the Christmas spirit and what better way to do that than theme your office party on dead famous people?

A little morbid you may think but it does make for an amusing commute to work and an even more amusing trip to the local café for breakfast. I’m not sure Wimbledon was ready for Superman, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Elvis all before 9.30am!

Once we had the obligatory strength building, energy fuelling breakfast, it was back to the office for Secret Santa before we were off to the pub. With banter and Christmas spirit now in full flow, we perhaps should have reminded ourselves that this was a marathon and not a sprint of a Christmas party, but instead we got into testing the rules of the various drinking games that were agreed before we left the office. Well, it would have been rude not to, it was Christmas after all!

So after a couple of hours in the pub we welcomed some fresh air with a stroll to the restaurant for our 3 course lunch, which we all seemed to have managed to work up a healthy appetite for.

The meal obviously ensued with suitable levels of sophistication and decorum, as you would naturally expect from 20 recruitment consultants at a nice restaurant in West London.

The food was fantastic, the party hats and cracker jokes were amusing, the banter and festive frolics top class.

A Christmas party for a bunch of outgoing recruitment consultants wouldn’t be the same without the opportunity for a little bit of healthy competition, so after lunch it was time for some old school bowling action.

It was after this we started to lose some of those that were a little worse for wear but we still had good numbers when we moved on to our final drinking establishment, where most of the stories are not only a little bit hazy but probably not suitable for publishing!

It is fair to say though, that a good time was had by all and it was the usual epic Eligo Christmas party, which will go down in history for numerous reasons. If you want to know what they are, why not get in touch to see if you fancy joining us next year?

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