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Flexible remote-working, maximum support, collaborative culture 
Join Eligo, find your home

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    Work your way with our support

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    Work your way with our support

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    Growth & Development

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    Growth & Development

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    Incentives & Rewards

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    Incentives & Rewards

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    Life at Eligo

    Life at Eligo

Let's be a part of

Your story

You're smart, driven, and pretty great to be around.
We're changing perceptions of recruitment. It must be love

It started when we asked ourselves "what is it you love about recruitment?". Mid dot-com crash, working in a company that prioritised bashing the phones, that told us to dream big whilst we stood still, there wasn't much to love where we were. So, we set out to start a company where recruitment could be done differently, where our staff are supported to grow, succeed, to feel at home, and ultimately love what they do. 

Quite a lot has changed since that we asked ourselves that question, but we're just as committed to continuing our mission to help recruiters, businesses, and professionals succeed. Whatever your story, we'd love to be a part of it. 


Home is where the

start is

Trusted to do it your way, enjoy remote working flexibility

No need to keep your head in the clouds with Eligo's flexible remote working options. With integrated cloud solutions, regular online company socials and events, and a way of working geared towards enabling you to work from whereever works best, whether you're in London or Liverpool, you can feel a part of the Eligo family. With an office HQ in Wimbledon, options to secure remote working space in your region, or simply to work from home, the choice is yours. 

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Find your home with Eligo

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Find your home with Eligo

Supported to bill more

receive more

From marketing to delivery, you're covered with Eligo

Been there, done that... got the t-shirt? Like most, we're not still trying to fit into the same t-shirt we were wearing years ago. Neither are you.
Want to enjoy the benefits of big agencies with means to delivery and bring on big accounts, to have dedicated marketing strategies and office-support, whilst enjoying the flexibility, personality, and culture of a boutique agency? Look no further; we've got big plans for you and for the company whilst remaining true to our values and goals.

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I'd like to know more

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I'd like to know more

Work with 

great people​

Get to know some of your future colleagues. 

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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Join the team

View our current jobs

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    Resource Consultant

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    Account Executive

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    Account Manager

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    Key Account Manager

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    Fast-track Consultant

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    Key Account Manager

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    Senior Consultant

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    Principal Consultant

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    Lead Consultant

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    Key Account Manager

More Rewards

More You

Work 5 years  

receive one month paid sabbatical

We know you deserve more from your recruitment job. Whether it's more support to grow your success, more free rein in how or who you work with, more opportunity to put your ideas into action with a dedicated marketing team, or simply more Sunday's not spent worrying about waking up the next day, we're confident here you can find your more. We also appreciate the more you give us and our clients and candidates every week, so decided that after 5 years you can take the opportunity of up to a month's paid sabbatical to spend some more time on you.

Be Rewarded
Your Benefits

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    & Competitions


    You deserve to be rewarded! On top of quarterly activity days and lunches, international trips, and the odd bottle of bubbly, we've got the Eligo Deal of Fortune and many more competitions and incentives.

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    Duvet days are a great  addition to your holiday allowance! With 4 a year, you can take the morning or day off whenever you want, no questions asked. Get some more sleep, enjoy the sun, celebrate a little more...

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    Guaranteed Pay
    Reviews and PDP 


    Everyone here has their own PDP which is reviewed every 6 months and triggers payrises, promotions, extra support and much more. Bring your ideas to the table and we'll help make them happen.

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    35+ Days


    As standard you're looking at around 35 days holiday (we have the Christmas period off too). After 2 years you'll also get a day off in your Birthday week, and an additional holiday day after 3 years!

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    We all have busy lives and different responsibilities, so our flexi working hours mean you can start earlier or later to maximise your day and work around your schedule. We also finish at 3 pm on Fridays, to get the weekend started early.

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    5 Year


    We talked about this above, but we want to reward your success, plus we all need some time to recharge. After 5 years, take up to a month's paid sabbatical! Go on a trip, do charity work, renovate the house, it's up to you.

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    Nights out
    and Social


    With a budget and nominated social committee from each team to put on regular events, to quarterly socials and the Summer and Christmas Parties, there’s lots to attend!

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    Access to Mental Health


    We're  always here to listen and support our eligoids, though we understand that sometimes more is needed. Get that help with a weight off your shoulders with 5 fully paid therapy sessions on us.

Our Values

​It's all about you

Values matter; they're the fabric that binds the way we hire, we operate, and we work. Quite literally, we started Eligo because of them.

When it came to condensing these into statements, we wanted the words to reflect not only who we are but exactly what you should expect when working for and with Eligo. But look, that's enough about us. It's all about you.

Find out more about what each value represents below or experience them for yourself whilst hitting your recruitment goals. 

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What our

people say

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work for us

  • Bhavica Ruparelia - Medical Recruitment Manager

    The friendly environment makes it a pleasure to work for Eligo – I wake up in the morning and look forward to coming to work! The support I receive is fantastic if I ever need to ask for advice. I truly believe the culture at Eligo has enabled me to become the successful recruitment manager I am today.

  • Anton Greig - Recruitment Consultant

    Andy and John have created a fantastic working environment at Eligo and my time there has helped shape who I am today. Mixing fun and work is no easy task, but that is exactly what you have at Eligo. The door is always open to Senior Management which is essential in a good recruitment agency and the advice and support received is nothing short of phenomenal.

  • Aleks Dimitrova

    The senior management at Eligo helps and teaches people how to choose their own path and follow it, by encouraging their personal initiative and will to develop. Eligo is not just an ordinary place to work, it supports and guides its employees to build their future. 

  • Akiem Morgan

    I joined the Eligo Academy in April 2016 and during my time they helped me to learn a completely new sector and industry from scratch, without feeling rushed and pressured while still working towards targets and achievements. The training scheme itself is without a doubt one of the best and well-planned programmes I have come across in terms of learning a new industry.

  • Vilma Ciapaite

    I totally loved working at Eligo! When I joined, I was looking for a flexible, open and rewarding place. I was offered exactly what I wanted: a very well-balanced and fun working environment with plenty of freedom and autonomy. At Eligo recognition is given when it’s deserved and help offered when needed. It’s a great place for recruitment professionals to apply their skills and knowledge, to grow, improve and succeed.

  • Anne Rooke - Senior Mac Recruitment Consultant

    Eligo genuinely has a real family feel but with the resources of a large agency. In the nine years, I’ve been an “Eligoid”, things have evolved, grown and improved year-on-year with the constant adoption of state of the art resources and up-to-date tech. This has really helped us to continue to be the best at what we do whilst encouraging independence and flexible working.

  • Mattia Brancaccio - Senior ERP Recruitment Consultant

    My experience at Eligo started more than 5 years ago through the Academy and lead me to the Manager position for the International Division. This journey was possible because the Senior Management created a truly supportive working environment where the primary concern is to allow your talent and potential to flourish. In every step of my career progression I was encouraged to push myself, given more responsibilities and guided when needed.

  • Jaimie Dickson Davies - Senior F&S Recruitment Consultant

    I previously worked for a hardcore ‘old school’ Construction Recruiter in London for almost 9 years before becoming a mum and joining Eligo back in 2018. The difference between the 2 companies is just insane, I came from a culture that was ruthless and what I consider a fairly uncaring environment and I can honestly say coming to Eligo has been the best move of my career. Eligo just really get the meaning of the word ‘support’ -  they communicate, they listen and they support each and every one of us, it’s as simple as that.  

  • Anezka Kolmanova - Medical Account Executive

    My journey as an “Eligoid” started over 5 years ago when I joined the Medical team as a Compliance Officer. Since then senior management at Eligo helped me grow professionally and guided me on my path to become the Medical Account Manager I am today. I have received support and training throughout the years as I was successfully progressing in my career. Eligo is the company that truly has your back and will encourage you to reach your full potential. I have been fortunate to experience and make lots of memories on our incentives and trips abroad. 

  • Anel Ducic - SAP Recruitment Consultant

    The Eligo Academy helped me to learn how to work correctly in the SAP industry, which was completely new for me at the time. I never felt any sort of pressure and that condition allowed me to be efficient and improve my skills very quickly. At the same time, I was able to create an honest relationship with the management as they have always offered me their full support.

  • Rick Deller - Head of Technology

    Throughout the pandemic and throughout my time at Eligo, directors John and Andy have always been open and transparent. As well as the chance for growth and development, a great incentive working for Eligo would be the freedom we have to express ourselves, whilst being trusted and respected as a senior consultant. Eligo is a small company that punches well above its weight professionally but still has that family feel culture. Having been with Eligo for 10 years now, I can honestly say if you are looking for a mature, well-respected, supportive, and fun environment then Eligo is the place for you.

  • Veronica Mancini - SAP Recruitment Consultant

    I joined Eligo two years ago, after a few months that I moved to London. I still cannot believe I found a fantastic company like them in a big and dispersive city like London.  

    It’s not just an office full of people, it’s the place where I have found friends and a supportive group of people, that have helped me since the beginning to build my career within the recruitment sector.  

    Thanks to Eligo, I finally found the right path as a recruiter, and I definitely couldn't be more grateful I had this opportunity.