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Why recruit with Eligo? Find out from those who know best

Leon Bentham, JKR

Eligo take the time to understand the environment and the culture of your business which shows in the quality of the candidates they put forward. They have found a number of gems for us and now Eligo are the only recruiter I go to when looking to fill a position in my team. 

Harry East, Equals Creative 

The Eligo team are customer focused with a vast knowledge of their industry, unlike many previous experiences, I find recruiting staff through Eligo recruitment easy and straightforward. 

Ian Minchell, Sohonet

We worked with Eligo on two challenging hires; we couldn’t have asked for better support. Following a detailed briefing session with us on the role, our culture and needs they immediately understood our talent requirements. We were quickly presented with a strong bench of candidates, helping us employ two exceptional staff members to very specific briefs and in short order.

Mark Keating, Shadowcat Systems Limited 

Eligo are one of those rare agencies in the technical recruitment industry that care and understand about the importance of communities in Open Source and other technical disciplines. They are an advocate of getting people into the right place and are constant supporters of community events. 

Laura Li Causi, SAP PM MM Consultant 

Eligo provided me with precise directions to give me a picture of the job opportunity, listened to my needs in evaluating a new opportunity, and provided support throughout the selection process (and even after), helping me clarify and reach my goals. 

Rossela Sgambaro, HR Manager, Aeonvis

The Eligo team are precise in identifying the exact needs of both the company and the candidate. The approach, in fact, is both worthwhile and winning. Their dedication and attention in building a long-term relationship is, in indeed, one of the factors for their success. Their honest approach and suggestions is a hard-to-find quality.

Matt Robson, Security Consultant

Eligo provided expert assistance, guidance, advice, and support in finding a new employer. It's rare that you come across a stand out recruitment firm like them; I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new challenge in the sector.

Seldoc, GP led cooperative 

Eligo Medical provide professional communication throughout the locum booking process even outside of regular office hours. Their friendly, personal approach makes it a pleasure to work with them. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a contract medical recruitment agency who offer quality service with competitive, fair rates.

Rebecca Bendoris, Digiterre

Eligo has shown great enthusiasm and efficiency in providing the quality candidates we need. They invest time to fully understand our culture and take a real interest in what we do as a business. With new projects around the corner, we're looking forward to working more closely with Eligo to increase our recruitment drive.

Operations Director, ATEC

We have worked with many recruiters over the years, but have found Eligo to be far superior and are able to deliver on our requirements time and time again.

Marco Buttacchio, SAP SD/MM/PP Senior Consultant

Eligo stands out because they can do something simple and unique at the same time. Many recruiters just want to close their next deal and move on, putting pressure and making you feel insecure. With Eligo, we had an open, honest conversation, exploring my career needs and desires, guiding through every step of the journey towards a great opportunity. There was a transparent relationship of total, mutual trust.