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Jaimie Dickson-Davies

Jaimie Dickson-Davies

Principal Consultant

Specialised in

Lead Consultant Partnering with IT & Engineering businesses connecting them with the best talent in the market - Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Sales Support, Marketing, Technical Support, Engineering, Product Development/Management, Client Services & Customer Success talent. 


Experience and background

As a dedicated and seasoned Recruiter with over 12 years of experience, I thrive on connecting the best talent in the market, not just those on the market. I specialise in working with businesses that have technology, innovation, and engineering at the heart of their product or service. I partner with tech product owners, software companies, manufacturers, distributors, and consultancies, covering a full range of roles including Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Marketing, Engineering, Technical Support, Product Management, Product Development, Customer Success, and Client Services.

Drawing from my background in the Armed Forces, I began my career as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in the Royal Navy. My experience includes operating and fixing radars and gunnery equipment aboard a warship, as well as the thrilling experience of jumping out of helicopters. (Yes, I really am this awesome.) Beyond my professional life, I am also a mum, a wife, a blogger, and a hardworking member of the human race, dedicated to clean living (most of the time).

I am passionate about my recruitment job and excel in listening to my clients and candidates, providing real career consultancy. My goal is to partner with businesses and individuals, growing together and ensuring success. My comprehensive approach to recruitment ensures I find the best talent for roles across various sectors, from technology to engineering, ensuring a perfect fit for every position.


I bet you didn’t know

I have sailed through the ‘Bermuda Triangle' several times without disappearing into the murky depths, also shot at a shark, and missed of course with a SA 80 machine gun during deployment in the West Indies.