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Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens

Principal Consultant

Specialised in

Software Development, UK Tech Market, .NET, C# specifically but I am able to undertake any tech role if required for teams.


Experience and background

My recruitment journey began in 2013 as a Resourcer, focusing on general IT. With a background in sales, including car sales and mortgages, I found my passion in recruitment due to its dynamic and varied nature.

I thrive on building relationships with clients and candidates, relishing the excitement of successfully placing a candidate and receiving positive feedback from hiring managers. My strengths lie in my organisational skills and curiosity, allowing me to think outside the box and tackle challenges head-on—qualities that make recruitment the perfect fit for me.

Are you looking for permanent technology roles in Software Development, including .NET and C#? Reach out to discover how I can help advance your career.

For clients aiming to expand their teams, I specialise in placing positions within Development and IT Support Teams, including Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, DevOps, and senior management roles such as CTOs and Development Managers.

Contact me today to see how I can support your growth!


I bet you didn’t know

I enjoy taking my touring caravan away on holiday in the UK. We call her Maggie and she has her own Instagram channel, and when we are away we like going paddleboarding and wakeboarding. I'm a proper foodie and love a good drink so I like finding the best local cuisines and distilleries on our travels. 

I used to play Sa in a Ska/Punk band in Birmingham called Fidget 

Ideally my husband and I would like to build our own house eventually.