Trending technology skills for 2019

Trending technology skills for 2019

As technology evolves at such a rapid pace, so do technology-based careers that surround it. As such, the IT professional of the 21st century is constantly learning and adding to their technical skill set to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

According to the latest LinkedIn data, there are at least 50,000 professional skills in the world!

Out of these, there are 8 trending technology skill areas that companies are looking for when hiring IT professionals this year.


Cloud computing

With cloud computing now a mainstream service, adoption of cloud computing continues to grow as more businesses choose to migrate to a cloud solution. As such, companies are urgently searching for engineers to accommodate the demand in cloud computing usage. Skills needed for this range from database skills, programming, AWS, Linux and DevOps to quality assurance and information security.


Artificial Intelligence 

The age of AI is now upon us and it’s no surprise that Artificial Intelligence skills are in demand from a wide range of businesses. IT professionals skilled in AI are required to further build computer systems to mimic human intelligence and behaviour from speech and pattern recognition to decision making.


Natural Language Processing

AI has a huge impact on our daily lives, from how we work to how we order a takeaway and drive a car. With this comes the need for engineers and artificial intelligence specialists to develop algorithms and the complex technology behind gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home.


Scientific computing

With all this data gathered from automation and AI there are certain skills required to solve the problems that arise with mass data. Skills in scientific computing include being able to use programming skills such as Scala, Python and Matlab are in high demand from businesses to enable them to continue to further collect more data.


Data Science

In order to make sense of these huge amounts of data engineers and analysts are required to get behind the science and analytics of the data. IT Professionals looking for a career in AI and data science are required to have technical skills in machine learning, statistics, data visualisation and communication, programming in R, Python or SQL.


Game development

There’s no denying the continued growth of the gaming industry with Fortnite creators Epic Games earning £78.5m a week, companies in the industry will further compete to provide a better experience for digital users in 2019. Which means the demand of gaming developers who can develop compelling online games remains strong.


Mobile Development

Skills in mobile application development have been in constant demand for many years now, as businesses continue to build and design mobile-first applications. Essential skills needed for a mobile developer include; programming knowledge in React Native and Android or iOS platforms, Agile Methodologies, User Interface and Architecture.


Software testing

Testing is an essential role in the software industry, especially with newer software hitting the market at a rapid pace, meaning more software testers are required to ensure they work effectively. Skills required for a software tester include basic knowledge of Database and SQL, test management and scripting.


With technology rapidly evolving these 8 technical skill sets offer a promising career path for now and the future. Many Businesses are suffering from a shortage of these and so now is the best time to learn one of these trending technology skills and land a new technology job for 2019.


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