Rick Talks: Understanding the Open Source Job Market

Rick Talks: Understanding the Open Source Job Market

At Eligo we’re proud of our understanding and involvement within the markets we work in, this is especially true within the Developer and Open Source Job market in which we work.

Whether it is attending developer workshops, hosting networking drinks, exhibiting, or sponsoring key open-source events so that they can go ahead, we’ve done it all.

This knowledge and understanding of the market is so crucial within recruitment, even more so within the open source job market. For the clients, it means that we can understand their client brand, requirements, fit, and secure the best possible talent for them, whilst for candidates, it means we actually know what they’re talking about when they talk Perl, Java, and .NET, and we know exactly where they would best apply these skills.

We continue to try to further this understanding and share our knowledge in turn.


As such, this series of Rick Talks turns the tables! We’ve had the talks come to Eligo.

We reached out to some of the clients and candidates that we work with to come in and give a series of talks to our recruitment team here at Eligo.

So far, we’ve had talks including;


“The mind-set of a developer” – Why developers do what they do and how they do it?
In order to successfully place open source job candidates it’s crucial that we understand what they want from a job and why they do what they do. This talk proved extremely beneficial in gaining vital insight into the mind-set of a developer and will only further help us in ensuring that both candidates and clients are happy.
“How a hiring manager decides on a technical candidate”
Once we have found you, the perfect candidate for an open source job role, we need to ensure that the company is the right match for you and you are the right match for the company – it’s how we make sure you’ll be happy to wake up on Mondays, and the company will be happy to see you there! Part of this process is understanding how hiring managers think and what they are looking for in an open source job candidate.

We have further talks to come including workshops on Agile, one of our client’s specific products and the infrastructure behind it, and plenty on Linux!

Each of these talks and workshops is being delivered by leading industry figures with our open-source recruitment team already reaping many benefits from them.

We are able to pass this knowledge on to our clients, with a particular understanding of open source developers and experience within the market, advising on topics such as how to interview well and sell an open job role to the candidate (remember hiring is a two-way process!). In the coming weeks, I will be visiting Foxtons to do just this, and give my very own Rick Talks on these subjects.

*Updated* Foxtons has now had its own very own Rick Talks – read some of their feedback below

“In my capacity as the Recruitment Operations Director at Foxtons I have worked with Rick for three years. During this time and with Rick’s help we have grown a number of our technology departments and we have found his advice and hard work invaluable. We work in a strong partnership with Rick and his team and they continue to deliver great candidates.
Recently I asked Rick if he could present to my internal recruitment team on engaging and hiring tech candidates. Rick came down and gave a very detailed, informative and engaging talk on this and we found it a vital help in our recruitment strategy and policy.
It’s fantastic that Rick and his team can impart some of their specialist Recruitment knowledge within the technology area and we are looking forward to a long a prosperous partnership with Eligo Technology Recruitment”
Jonathan Richards, Recruitment Operations Director at Foxtons

You want more Rick Talks I hear you say? Don’t fret. Rick Talks will be back at YAPC: Europe where I will be doing various workshops on what a Recruiter looks for in an Open Source Developer, as well as job search advice, career advice, and much more. To find out more about this event and upcoming events I will be at, please don’t hesitate to get in contact here, through my LinkedIn or email.


At Eligo we are good at what we do because we love our market, we love the people we work with, and we love to continue to know more. As always, if you have any questions you would like to ask, or would like to come and share your insight into the open-source mind or market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!