CV-Library tech talk: An intro to OO Programming and development

CV-Library tech talk: An intro to OO Programming and development

Yesterday we were pleased to welcome Katherine Spice, IT Director at CV-Library who delivered a talk on the basics of development along with a brief introduction

to Object-Oriented Programming.

The tech talk was part of our ongoing training surrounding the technology sector, so consultants can get a better understanding of not only the market as a whole but more importantly the developers that we work with on a daily basis.

Katherine has been IT Director at CV-Library since 2013 and a Perl developer since 2000 which meant she had great experience and knowledge to offer us as non-technical people! Katherine’s talk gave us a brief insight into programming and development by guiding us through the full (SDLC) software development lifecycle from planning, analysis and design through to testing and deployment.

For non-techies like us, we first expected learning the basics of Object-Oriented programming and development to be a bit of a challenge, but Katherine made the topic thoroughly engaging. Especially when she applied the concept of OOP programming to the recruitment space, where were able to understand it more clearly!

For a non-technical person working in tech I found Katherine’s talk to be interesting and engaging in the way that it was broken down into layman’s terms, so we could all understand and it would seem my colleagues agreed! …


I found the talk insightful and very helpful, giving a deeper insight into the fundamentals of OO Programming and development, and each aspect of the 

software development life cycle. Katherine answered a lot of questions and it was a great evening!

– Rick Deller, Head of Technology Division (London and West Midlands)





Being a newbie into the mysterious and ever-changing world of technology, I was so grateful to have Katherine come in and break it down into simple terms for us mere mortal recruiters. Katherine is incredibly engaging and her enthusiasm for all things tech naturally rubs off on you, you can’t help but get excited to start telling everyone of your new-found knowledge! I look forward to the next session, if she’ll have us!

– Kerri Anne, Java Recruitment Consultant

It was great having Katherine from CV Library in to give us an insight into her thoughts on OO programming and development and she is clearly very good at what she does. She helped us understand what a passion for engineering complex solutions looks like and was wonderfully engaging and easy to converse with – I would recommend we replicate this across other areas of her vast knowledge going forward. 

– David Bulmer, Tech Team Manager London


Following the feedback from my fellow colleagues about the talk, there is no doubt that Katherine’s enthusiasm for programming and development is infectious, and we hope she joins us again for another session to share her wisdom and knowledge of all things tech!

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