Tech Lead

Tech Lead

We all have used it!

The pandemic hit and logistics became the only way in many situations where you were able to buy the stuff you wanted. Now think of it in big scale, construction, supply chain and other industries where hit quite hard by the difficulties of this pandemic too but some companies made themselves a goal to help this cause and that is why I am writing this advert! In a start up with a huge potential for growth and a lot of investment behind it, you could be the next software engineer they hire.


The job:

Specifically they have several positions, from software engineer to Tech Lead and that is because of their stealth mode. What does that mean? You could start hands on and if you are hungry enough, manage a dev team very soon. Wait product ownership sounds better? Project management? Want to focus on infrastructure? Guess what, you can! They are at that point where they know they are growing but they are still small enough to have a lot to offer and you can choose! Who could imagine.


What works for them?

  • Java in BE and React in FE.
  • Manage CI/CD pipelines like a king/queen!
  • Understand the principle of cloud AWS/Azure/GCP.
  • Be ready for growth.

Now, what is in it for you?

  • Salary up to 100k, plus shares.
  • 30 days holiday and extra days.
  • Remote working and sabbatical options
  • A lot of freedom, a lot!
  • And many more!

If you are a software engineer or a senior software engineer curious about this job and how many more benefits they have, let’s get in touch!


Jose Lazaro

Tech Team Manager

DL: +49 711 49050699 / WhatsApp: +49 15257473808