Software engineer

Software engineer

Never more important than now! 

In my everyday conversations with software engineers, when I ask what industries call their attention, health and environmental issues are 99% of the time top and I truly believe it is for a real reason. In a world of automation and digitalization, we still want to feel our work positively impacting on nature and feel good about it. For that reason, I am confident this opportunity will open your eyes. 


The job: 

At a start-up level in stealth mode they have reached completion for their last founding round which has brough over 3M euro into the company. They are ready to grow and they need to bring developers with expertise in Java and React who maybe interested in cloud topics. 


As they are still growing there are lots of responsibilities to share if you want them. This means that if you are a developer planning to go into PO, PM or leading projects, here you will have a ground to work with and grow. Even topics like blockchain if you wanted! But what about the job? 


You will be a swipe right if you can: 

  • Java, React tech stack knowledge and quality code focus. 

  • Interest or knowledge in cloud infrastructures (AWS/Azure or GCP) 

  • You have a passion for autonomy but can work in a team. 

  • Environmental issues are a concern (not a requirement but a +). 


Now, what is in it for you? 

They know it is important to keep you happy and not only the job is different, but the benefits are too. Here you have some: 

  • Salary up to 100k (experience based of course!)  

  • Remote working and sabbatical options 

  • Flexible working hours 

  • Loads of training and support 

  • A team passionate about helping climate 

  • And many more!