YAPC::EU in Cluj-Napoca – Yet another great Perl conference

YAPC::EU in Cluj-Napoca – Yet another great Perl conference

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Last week we attended the biggest Perl conference in Europe, YAPC::EU, where Perl developers from around the world descended on Cluj-Napoca, Romania for an exciting programme of talks, presentations, events, and drinks!

Held by the Perl Counts of Transylvania, the lovely Cluj Perl Mongers, the 3-day event featured a line-up of speakers including the father of Perl, Larry Wall, as a keynote speaker alongside Curtis Poe (Ovid) and SawyerX.


YAPC’s Perl Counts of Transylvania

The city of Cluj is both a beautiful and perfect setting for such an event with its historic buildings, the excellent University where the conference was hosted, and a wide array of bars and restaurants for catching up after a long day of talks.


Kicking off with a bang after the rooftop party hosted by Evozon the night before, the first day of YAPC::EU brought the news that next year’s Perl conference would be held in Amsterdam! The day continued as it started with a wide array of talks covering everything from Real-world parsing with Perl 6 to the always fun Lightning Talks hosted by rGeoffrey. The fun had only just begun, however, with 2 more days to go and an amazing conference party hosted at the picturesque Banffy Palace in the evening.


The Perl Community

Day two began with Sawyer X’s keynote “The State of the Velociraptor”, which highlighted just how close-knit and international the Perl community really is (a point that was evident throughout our 3 days there) with Perl developers from around the world speaking about the community. The international feel continued with talks by Perl mongers who had travelled from locations as distant as Houston, USA.

How’s the Perl jobs market?

The final day included my own talk on the Perl jobs market. I’d originally intended to present a talk titled “It’s all in the questions you ask”, however, as some of you may know, I recently got engaged, meaning a different type of question left me with little time, so I decided to talk about what I know: Perl jobs.


It was great to see so many Perl developers in the room for the talk and to share my knowledge with so many new and familiar faces. I have uploaded the slides of the talk here and hope a video will be available shortly! If you have any more questions after attending, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Now back in the office, it’s been a pleasure to reflect on such a great couple of days with the Perl community in Cluj. We were proud to have been part of such an awesome event as main sponsors as well as sponsoring the food, and we plan to continue supporting the wonderful community for a long time.

As I stated in my talk, and as the conference has highlighted, there is a positive, feel-good mood in the Perl market. We’re constantly taking on new Perl job roles with both new and existing Perl clients across the world, with many opportunities out there for Perl developers looking for a change.

If we didn’t get a chance to catch up at YAPC::EU or you’d like to discuss your Perl career or hiring requirements a bit further, please do let me know and I’d be more than happy to have a chat.


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