How will S/4 HANA impact the SAP Job Market?

How will S/4 HANA impact the SAP Job Market?

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Following 24 years as a successful enterprise resource planning software SAP R/3 is being succeeded by possibly SAP’s biggest-ever innovation, S/4 HANA.

S/4 HANA is an entirely new generation SAP Business Suite brought in to offer simplified solutions to customers in a digitalised economy whilst breaking the limitations of past software. Its advanced design business suite is built on SAP’s fastest memory platform, HANA, and signals a move towards giving end users active decision support in real-time. The end result is a modern and simple yet powerful business model that facilitates businesses with this faster decision-making, efficient data modelling, and customer adoption strategy that combines the latest technologies and user experiences.

Integrate and expand

S/4 HANA will enable customers to leverage the cloud at their own pace based on their needs whilst keeping all the benefits and integrations of existing systems. It does this by enabling customers to build hybrid scenarios between various SAP cloud solutions such as Ariba, CEC, Concur, and SuccessFactors.

Rather than replacing current portfolios of IT solutions, S/4 HANA allows businesses to further integrate and expand. In order to maximise ROI on SAP investments, keep afloat with the dynamic market, and utilise these features, customers are now looking to integrate S4/ HANA and upgrade their current systems.

S/4 HANA’s impact on the SAP Job Market

As a result of the need for customers to integrate and upgrade to S/4 HANA there is now a huge demand for SAP experts who are able to execute the successful and smooth transition from SAP R/3 to S/4 HANA for the customers. Whilst some companies are simply migrating, others, such as large enterprises are seeing the technical innovations of S/4 HANA as an opportunity to completely rebuild their ERP landscapes from the ground up.

These implementations and projects mean that S/4 HANA will continue to impact on the SAP job market. As a consultant, it is now critical to ensure that you can learn and adapt to new solutions such as Simple Finance, Fiori, Ariba, and Big Data Hadoop, and are up to speed on new technologies.

Despite S/4 HANA’s impact, this does not mean traditional SAP HANA and BW skills will not become obsolete. The SAP ecosystem will still require ABAP programming, and ABAP OO developers will continue to be in demand for their SAP business consulting skills, particularly as S/4 HANA systems are faster and cheaper to configure.

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