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Case Study 

Headhunting Search for a Retail lighting UK Director

About this case study 

Our client, a market leading manufacturer of specialist lighting equipment, were seeking to recruit a UK Director. They opted to use our Specialist Electrical Headhunting Team. 

What will you learn from this Lighting recruitment case study?

You will see how our Electrical Headhunting team helped one of our clients find that candidate who wasn’t looking to move, ultimately the top talent available:

  • Researching the market extensively
  • Present the target list of companies
  • Identifying the specific skill set required
  • Targeting only those individuals who could make a difference
  • Presenting a shortlist of that identified for the role

The client and their requirements 

A European lighting manufacturer of lamps and luminaries, with over 100 years of market experience who are looking to expand its horizons outside of its core market, focused
on building a team within the UK. Starting with the hire of a Director, based in the UK, the candidate would work f rom home, tasked with developing relationships with key players in the retail market to then grow and crafty the business to achieve a turnover of circa £20m within 4 years. Our client was looking for an individual who already knew the retail industry inside out with a strong background in lighting and a thorough understanding of profit and loss, ideally but not essentially have an additional understanding/experience of running a commercial business.

The Solution

A specific team, who are specialist in headhunting within Electrical/Lighting sectors to source a talented individual with specialist experience in Retail Lighting who could not only develop and maintain relationships but could also successfully grow the turnover through strategic planning and marketing.

The Candidate 

The ideal candidate for the role would have extensive knowledge of the Retail/End User lighting market in the UK, coupled with a LIF certif icate.They would need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and be self-motivated with the ability to deliver results. Strategically aware of how to plan and develop a business within the UK.

The ideal grounding would be someone who has started as a Technical Engineer moving into Sakes and then through to a Key Account/Business Development
before becoming responsible for profit and loss, and importantly they must still be in contact with clients on the front line. Using our contacts that have been developed over a 20-year period of working within the Lighting, Electrical and Controls market, we were able to identify candidates who had everything required.

Eligo's Approach 

Knowing your client. With the lighting market being very niche and the desire to increase their market share, it meant that we had to purely focus on candidates who already had a strong knowledge and contact base within the retail arena, coupled with the technical knowledge of lighting products.

Identifying relevant candidates 

This stage of the headhunting process involves initially researching all organisations that have a presence in the UK that supply Retail-specific Lighting and any associated products that might give the individual the correct application and market knowledge. Once this research has been undertaken, a full list of businesses we intended to approach was supplied to the client to review to remove any organisation they did not wish to recruit from.

Upon approval, we researched the organisations concerned using a variety of techniques centralising around our market knowledge to identify the individual
within those businesses that may possess the relevant competencies, market knowledge and contacts required. We then contacted every single candidate identif ied via a direct approach promoting the opportunity to pain maximum interest. From those that expressed an interest, a long list was formed for us to do the initial screening that involved
undertaking competency-based interviews to determine a short list of those that best match the requirements of our client.

The Client Partnership 

After our extensive screening process, we presented a select number of candidates to our client, all of whom matched the requirements, but at the same time offered
something different so that comparisons could be made as to who fitted the role best, in terms of personality and culture as well as market knowledge and experience.

The placement was so successful that the company in question have retained our headhunting services again to help with the appointment of another role, ensuring their continued growth with an executive headhunting service that truly does work.

"An electrical headhunting team that is transparent throughout its search and provides you with high-quality candidates, all of whom were more than suitable. It was evident that the candidates were interviewed and profiled correctly. A true Executive Headhunt job. Well done!"

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