Case Study

Headhunting for an SAP FI-TR Consultant

What can you learn from this case study?

You will see how our Headhunting team helped one of our clients find a very high calibre candidate who ultimately wasn't looking to move, ensuring that the industries top talent was provided to interview:

  • Researching the market extensively
  • Present the target list of companies
  • Identifying the specific skill set required
  • Targeting only those individuals who could make a difference
  • Presenting a shortlist of those identified for the role

The Client

A leading player within international consultants and vendors for treasury, asset and risk management applications. They are purely focused on providing the highest quality
implementations from the very first line of code and have been successfully helping renowned customers to design, implement and customize their systems for more than 20 years.

The Requirements 

To find an individual who can help to deliver specific necessities in the SAP FI-TR market and who can create and nourish relationships with Italian clients.
Our client was looking for an individual who already had a good grasp of SAP FI-TR processes and had participated in green-field implementations. A strong background in SAP FI was needed with a good knowledge of English. The position was based in Germany with an element of international travel.

The challenge with this search was to find an individual who was ready to cherish a relocation abroad, but with the experience and charisma to take on a role focused on two different markets (Spain and Italy) with a set of existing clients to manage and therefore a great standing figure.

The Solution 

A specific team, who are specialists in headhunting and relocation within the SAP industry, to source a talented SAP FI_TR Consultant with a desired specialist experience in the bank and insurance market, the desire to move to Germany and the stamina to work with existing international clients delivering quality implementation solutions for their business.

The Candidate

The ideal candidate for the role would be an experienced SAP Consultant with at least 5 years of experience in FI-TR and preferably with a background in the banking and insurance sector. It was paramount a good knowledge of English. An entrepreneurial spirit and self-motivated attitude would be key with an unrivalled desire to learn, challenge, develop and coach others to become successful. The ideal grounding would be someone who has strong debugging skills.

Using our contacts that have been developed in years of working within the SAP Market across Italy, Germany and London, we were able to identify candidates who had everything required.

Our Approach

Knowing your client and the position, we had to identify and purely focused on candidates that displayed a strong desire and motivation to move abroad. They also had to have strong experience within a niche module (FI-TR) in a specific sector, not an easy search!

Identifying the relevant candidate

This stage of the headhunting process involves initially researching all the organisations that have a presence in Italy that work within the Insurance or/and
banking sector. Once this research has been undertaken a full list of the businesses we intended to approach was supplied to the client to review to remove any
organisations they did not wish to recruit from.

Upon approval, we researched the organisations concerned using a variety of techniques centralising around our market and recruiting knowledge to identify the
individuals within those businesses that may possess the relevant competencies, market knowledge and contacts required.

We then contacted every single candidate identified via a direct approach promoting the opportunity to gain maximum interest. From those that expressed an interest, a long list was formed for us to do the initial screening of candidates that involved undertaking competency-based interviews to determine a short list of those that best match the requirements of our client.

The Client / Candidate Partnership

After our extensive screening process, we presented a select number of candidates to our client, all of whom matched the requirements, but at the same time offered
something different so that comparisons could be made as to who fitted the role best, in terms of personality and culture as well as market knowledge and experience.
Thus resulting in the client hiring an individual who possessed the necessary technical, commercial and leadership skills required.

The Eligo team is customer focused with in-depth knowledge of their industry. Not only do they have a real grasp of exactly what we are, but we have found recruiting with them both easy and straightforward.

The search in numbers

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