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You can trust us to fill your vacancy and save you time and money by partnering with us exclusively. With one point of contact, outsource your recruitment to a trusted provider and let us do the leg work.

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For critical positions we guarantee to fill the role, securing only the best in the whole market, whilst helping you to attract and assess them

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Eligo Fire & Security can provide a complete RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service for our clients.

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    your needs

    Meeting, phone or Skype call arranged at a time to suit you

    Full detailed brief taken
    ​(technical & personal)

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    What can 
    you expect?

    Timelines discussed and target start date set.

    Attraction materials prepared and sourcing strategy defined. 

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    Search, advertise, and select

    Access to major job boards, social channels, industry specific
    websites, direct mail,
    SMS, community
    engagement, headhunting, and

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    Shortlist and interview

    Candidates interviewed and qualified against an agreed criteria.

    Example projects, references, testimonials requested.

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    Listen, consult, deliver

    Access to major job boards, social channels, industry specific
    websites, direct mailshots,
    SMS, community
    engagement, headhunting, and
    ​more utilised.

  • Securing your
    new employee
  • On-boarding
    and retention 
  • Planning for
    your future

Our Values

​It's all about you

Values matter; they're the fabric that binds the way we hire, we operate, and we work. Quite literally, we started Eligo because of them.

When it came to condensing these into statements, we wanted the words to reflect not only who we are but exactly what you should expect when working for and with Eligo. But look, that's enough about us. It's all about you.

Find out more about what each value represents below or experience them for yourself whilst hitting your recruitment goals. 

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be more

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go beyond


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life's too


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do the

right thing

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we've got 
​your back

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listen, challenge,


people say

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  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtavmtmvmdgvnza1l0lhaw4tq2ftcgjlbgwuanbnil1d

    The Eligo technology team are a breath of fresh air. It's refreshing to work with agents who understand my craft, and who take the time to understand me as a person and what it is I am looking for. If you are working with Open Source technologies and you aren't part of the Eligo family, then you should be. 

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtivmtevmzuvodayl0nhbmrpzgf0zs1tzxj2awnlcy1nyxr0lvjvynnvbi1uzxn0aw1vbmlhbc5qcgcixv0

    Eligo provided expert assistance, guidance, advice, and support in finding a new employer. It's rare that you come across a stand out recruitment firm like them; I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new challenge in the sector.

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtavmzevntivnzg0l2xlb24gymvudghhbs5qcgcixv0

    Eligo take the time to understand the environment and the culture of your business which shows in the quality of the candidates they put forward. They have found a number of gems for us and now Eligo are the only recruiter I go to when looking to fill a position in my team. 

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtavmjkvmzyvmte4l1jlymvjy2egqmvuzg9yaxmtzglnaxrlcnjllmpwzyjdxq

    Eligo has shown great enthusiasm and efficiency in providing the quality candidates we need. They invest time to fully understand our culture and take a real interest in what we do as a business. With new projects around the corner, we're looking forward to working more closely with Eligo to increase our recruitment drive.

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtuvmtcvndqvnjqvtgf1cmegtgkgq2f1c2kglsbtqvauanbnil1d

    Eligo provided me with precise directions to give me a picture of the job opportunity, listened to my needs in evaluating a new opportunity, and provided support throughout the selection process (and even after), helping me clarify and reach my goals. 

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtavmjyvmtgvmtazl0phbwvziefsbgvuynktiglkaxjly3quanbnil1d

    iDirect primarily engaged Eligo to utilise their network of Front End focused technical talent. Whilst performing well in this area, what really impressed me was their dedication to assisting the organisation across the board, including roles a lot of front-end recruiters would consider way out of their remit. Great service and excellent delivery from Eligo recruitment. 

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjcvmtuvmjmvmdivns9nyxjjbybcdxr0ywnjaglvlmpwzyjdxq

    Eligo stands out because they can do something simple and unique at the same time. Many recruiters just want to close their next deal and move on, putting pressure and making you feel insecure. With Eligo, we had an open, honest conversation, exploring my career needs and desires, guiding through every step of the journey towards a great opportunity. There was a transparent relationship of total, mutual trust.

  • W1siziisijiwmtkvmdmvmjgvmtavmzkvndkvmjmwl0lhbibnaw5jagvsbc5qcgvnil1d

    We worked with Eligo on two challenging hires; we couldn’t have asked for better support. Following a detailed briefing session with us on the role, our culture and needs they immediately understood our talent requirements. We were quickly presented with a strong bench of candidates, helping us employ two exceptional staff members to very specific briefs and in short order.

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Case Studies

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Your recruitment is the most important strategy for your business; it's vital to your continued growth and success. So let's not leave it to a job advert and a couple of CVs. When you partner with Eligo you're not just receiving a recruitment supplier; you're receiving a business partner too. 

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Register a Vacancy


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Not just a CV

Talent Pipelining

You'd like to hire the best talent? You want to save both time and money in the process without compromising on quality? Partnering with Eligo, you'll be able to meet these goals both in the short and long term.

Talent pipelining enables us to continually map the market for talent which is likely to be critical towards your organisations future business objectives and goals. 

Networking and Search

We believe that in order to find the right people for our clients it is essential we do not simply rely on working with candidates who actively apply for vacancies.

Our detailed understanding of your markets and networks within it ensure that we can effectively headhunt the right person for your position.

Advertising and Promotion

We have a substantial advertising presence and budget in order to attract the best quality candidates.

Our dedicated in-house Marketing team monitor and optimise the performance of adverts on job boards, craft copy-written adverts to stand out, and further utilise practices such as SEO and PPC, ensuring your role gets in-front of the right people first. 

Engaging Market Specialists

We are also able to utilise our Marketing team to deliver inbound excellence across a number of functions such as our extensive content marketing and attendance at industry events and meet ups. 

We also place highly on Google rankings across our specialisms, meaning that we'll always be the first company candidates visit to help them find their next job role. 

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    Talent Pipelining

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    Networking and Search

  • Main CVtab 3:

    Advertising and Promotion

  • Main CVtab 4:

    Engaging Market Specialists



It's our job to keep abreast of everything within your market. We regularly put together useful resources for you and your team based on this. If there's a report or resource you'd like but don't see, let us know!

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Industry Report

Whitepaper featuring insights into salaries, candidates, disciplines and more

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Client Reporting

Detailed reporting on our recruitment process for your assignment

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Company Benchmarking

Gain our insight into your company your market and how you compare with competitors