The Perl and Raku Conference


The Perl and Raku Conference


Monday, 10 August 2020

08:33 AM

Friday, 14 August 2020

06:33 PM

Every year there is a Perl Conference in Europe. It has gone by many names, originally being called YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference), a tongue in cheek naming which was more recently changed to more clearly represent that this conference is the largest and premier Perl conference in Europe.

Due to the Perl 6 programming language renaming to Raku, this year the name has been changed to The Perl and Raku Conference or PerlRakuCon for short (PerlCon or RakuCon are also acceptable).

Monday and Tuesday there will be workshops. New this year, a beginner workshop will be included in the price of the standard conference ticket. Other more advanced workshops are also planned for Monday and Tuesday in line with previous conferences.

There will be tons of sessions on a great variety of topics. Don’t forget to sign up for one of the all-day tutorials to engage in some deep learning.

Come along and meet your fellow Perl programmers. There are expected to be nearly 300 Perlers and Rakuers to attend from around Europe and the world! 

This is a great opportunity to connect with the community.




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