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Head of Happiness


Head of Happiness

Specialises in:

My role requires me to make the Eligoids happy and motivate them to achieve their best paw-formance. This also includes encouraging a fun working environment by occasionally engaging team members in a game of fetch. 

I am also a part-time wooffice assistant and regularly have a good sniff around the office to make sure everything is in working order and make sure no crumbs are lying around. Utilising my knowledge of employee engagement, I lend my barketing skills to the social media team to help grow their followers.

Background and experience:

I am a real people dog, always eager to make friends. I am also a great listener, always here to understand employee needs, so long has a tummy and head scratch is involved 

Interesting fact:

With the right amount of treats and persuasion, I can lay down and rollover.