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IT Delivery Consultant

Manraj Khangura

IT Delivery Consultant

​Specialises in : 

Technology role across, IT Support and Infrastructure Professionals, Software Developers, Data, Architects, and many more. 

Background and experience :

I have recently graduated from university, opting to choose a career in recruitment. Having a close family member currently working in the industry it allowed me to take an interest in what they do.  

From my experience at part-time jobs the main skill I have taken with me into this role is communication. This is the ability to conversate with people from a range of backgrounds, which is what I enjoy most about recruitment. Every day is different while being in a fast-paced environment, making it exciting when coming into work as you don’t know what day lies ahead of you. 

Interesting fact about me: 

I'm a fan of sports, Football and Cricket being my favourites. 

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