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Eligo Director


John Doherty

Eligo Director

Specialises in :

Running the show at Eligo HQ as well as Recruitment for Talent Management, Business Development, Internal Recruitment, Recruiters of all levels, Resourcers, Enterprise Sales, Marketing, Technology: all levels of technical support, IT infrastructure support, service delivery, senior sales and all levels of management.

Background and experience :

I started Recruitment in 1993, with the years since being predominantly spent building up Eligo with fellow Director Andy.

I am passionate about continuing to develop the company with the ethos and spirit that we set out with, redefining recruitment and delivering a quality service based on honesty and integrity. Contributing to this, I lead Eligo's Talent Acquisition programme, consistently looking out for the best in Recruitment talent with the right fit to join our team of Eligoids here at Eligo HQ.

Besides being a driving force behind Eligo's success, I occasionally demonstrate my creative flair as in-house Video producer and Editor, documenting the many company trips to places such as Dubai and Miami we go on with our team of Recruitment Consultants.

Interesting fact about me : 

I’m still playing the beautiful game pretending I'm Messi, whilst managing two successful junior teams and following the mighty Arsenal!

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