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Fire & Security Recruiter 

Jaimie Dickson-Davies

Fire & Security Recruitment consultant

Specialises in : 

Electronic Fire and Security Engineering roles (Blue and White Collar) and Technical Sales.

Experience and background :

I joined the world of construction/engineering recruitment on the back end of the recession back in 2010. Boy that was a hard time, however, best to learn during tough times, so you can learn how to dig deep and go that extra mile from the get-go!  I couldn’t wait for the market to turn however thinking my life would become easier, how wrong was I? All the good candidates went underground and then when they did surface started playing hardball and the clients, of course, needed someone good like on the spot. In a nutshell my recruitment life has never been a walk in the park, however, I love the pace and understand my market really well.  I love what I do, my blood pressure not so much.

I am an ex-Royal Navy Engineer myself so can relate to my target audience on both sides.  A girl on the tools – what’s not to love.

I have successfully worked my way up through the ranks from baby recruiter to Divisional Manager of a Fire and Security team and I am pleased and proud to say I did everything by the book, not one corner was cut.

I am now at Eligo working as a Senior Consultant in the Building Services, Fire & Security team. Surrounded by supportive colleagues, great management, like-minded core values, a great all-round working environment, and best of all a company who are very passionate about what they do and always have the client’s, candidate’s and employee’s backs.

A firm that keeps on giving... I am very happy to be part of this company, I definitely belong here and can proudly call myself an Eligoid!

Interesting fact about me :

I have sailed through the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ several times without disappearing into the murky depths, also shot at a shark and missed of course with a SA 80 machine gun during deployment in the West Indies. Loads more crazy stories but I’ll save them for my memories.

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