Why Commercial Conference Organisers Should Offer Bonuses to Event Operations Staff

Why Commercial Conference Organisers Should Offer Bonuses to Event Operations Staff

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In the competitive world of commercial conference organising, success often hinges on the seamless execution of events.

While securing high-profile speakers and attracting attendees is crucial, it's the dedicated event operations staff behind the scenes who ensure that conferences run smoothly.

In my 22 years of experience recruiting for the events industry, particularly for B2B Commercial Conference Organisers and Exhibition Organisers, I have seen a shift in the rewards and benefits they are offering their employees.  Considering the current state of the market and the impetus on well-being and talent management, a considerable number of organisers are now offering bonuses within their packages for Event operations staff such as Event Coordinators and Event Manager roles.

In this blog, we'll explore the importance of providing bonuses to event operations staff and why it's a strategic move that can benefit both employees and the conference organisers.


The Unsung Heroes of Conferences: Event Operations Staff

Conference organisers understand that their event operations staff are the backbone of their success. These individuals work tirelessly to manage logistics, oversee technical aspects, and troubleshoot issues on the spot. Their efforts ensure that everything runs according to plan, leaving conference attendees with a positive impression. So aside from standard salary, how can you ensure that these tireless and hardworking event professionals are recognised for their work?


How can you motivate Event staff through bonuses?

One powerful way to recognise and motivate hard-working Event Operations staff is through bonuses. Bonuses can take various forms, such as financial incentives, gift cards, or extra paid time off. The key is to offer rewards that are meaningful to employees, monetary bonuses in particular demonstrate appreciation for their exceptional efforts and normally these range from £2k to £4k.


How can you boost Event employee satisfaction?

When event operations staff feel valued and appreciated, their job satisfaction increases. This leads to higher morale, improved job performance, and a more positive work environment. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with the company long-term, reducing turnover rates and the costs associated with hiring and training new staff.


How can you enhancing conference success?

The benefits of giving bonuses to event operations staff extend to the conferences themselves. Employees who feel rewarded and motivated are more likely to go above and beyond in their roles. As a result, conferences run more smoothly, issues are addressed promptly, and the overall attendee experience improves. This often translates to positive feedback, repeat attendees, and increased event success. Who wouldn’t want that?


How can you foster team collaboration in your events team?

Bonuses can also foster collaboration among different departments within a conference organisation. When employees see their colleagues recognised and rewarded, it encourages teamwork and synergy. Enhanced collaboration leads to more efficient operations and, ultimately, a better overall conference experience for everyone involved.


The Bottom Line: Why Do Bonuses Matter?

In the world of commercial conference organising, the bottom line is of utmost importance. Bonuses for event operations staff may initially seem like an extra expense, but the return on investment (ROI) is significant. Higher employee retention, improved event outcomes, and enhanced attendee satisfaction all contribute to the profitability and long-term success of the conference.

Commercial conference organisers have much to gain by recognising and rewarding their event operations staff with bonuses. In addition to motivating and retaining employees, bonuses contribute to the overall success of conferences. By making these strategic investments in their most valuable assets—their dedicated staff—conference organisers can elevate their events to new heights.

Recognising the pivotal role of event operations staff and investing in their motivation is a win-win situation. Conferences benefit from improved efficiency and attendee satisfaction, and employees gain the recognition and motivation needed to continue delivering top-notch performance. In the competitive landscape of commercial conference organising, bonuses for event operations staff can be a game-changer.


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Guy Wilkinson

Events Recruitment Director