Virtual recruitment: how to create a successful virtual hiring process

Virtual recruitment: how to create a successful virtual hiring process

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Virtual recruitment: how to create a successful virtual hiring process


How has COVID changed the way you hire? Are you finding your old processes just are not cutting it anymore? Maybe you’ve attempted using video, but it doesn’t quite align with your current recruitment process.

All businesses have been forced to adapt to the changing circumstances we have been faced, due to the coronavirus pandemic. With a still uncertain future ahead of us, now is the time to invest in video technology for a successful virtual hiring process.


What is Virtual Hiring?

Virtual hiring requires you to search and assess potential candidates remotely, without meeting the candidates face to face. Virtual hiring requires you to rely on video technology and online assessments to evaluate the applications remotely.


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What are the advantages of virtual hiring and utilising video in your recruitment process?

  • It ensures the progression of your recruitment activity and allows you to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. COVID has heightened the need for remote hiring tactics, and with video and virtual hiring, you can continue to add to your remote team without delay.
  • Virtual hiring allows you to streamline your whole recruitment process and screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time. As we know, time is money and a strong and stable… (I couldn’t help myself) virtual hiring process will benefit everyone in the business.
  • Reduces recruitment bias. With a consistent hiring process in place and with more time due to an efficient process in place, allows an equal footing for every applicant thus reducing common hiring prejudices. Candidates who would have otherwise slipped through the net will now catch your attention. Hiring virtually can also beneficial if you are hiring talent from abroad.


Technology is key. We know that technology within businesses has become key to remote working, communication, and your hiring process.

So how should you be utilising it for your virtual hiring process?


Interactive job specs

Your employer brand is an important part of the virtual hiring process and an interactive job specification is a great way to showcase your brand, company mission and the benefits you are offering. These would typically include images and videos of your office, links to your social media, website, and good press. You should also incorporate a video of the hiring manager or team leader talking about the role.

By including an interactive job spec in your virtual hiring strategy, candidates are more likely to be engaged and less likely to accept offers from other competitors. 



Video profiles

The CV is evolving, and there is more to applications than a standard word doc.

Imagine easily watching candidates discuss their experience, in their own words, while you simultaneously scroll through their CV? Or having the candidate answer pre-set questions to get the answers you need quickly.

Adding video profile applications into your virtual hiring strategy not only removes location barriers, it can also help to speed up your entire process and enable you to compile a shortlist of candidates in a few simple clicks.


Candidate Assessments

We know a key part of your hiring process will be to assess the candidate, to make sure you understand them as individuals to make sure they are right for the role and your company.

As part of your virtual hiring strategy, you can easily send intelligence, emotional and workplace behavioural assessments for your candidate to complete.

This way you can effectively gain insight, virtually, of their learning and leadership style, understand any motivators or pressure points and ensure their personality is a good fit.


Combining these above elements into your virtual hiring strategy will not only appeal to the candidate but will also save your recruitment costs and time.