Unlocking hidden talent : Our strategies for finding top candidates

Unlocking hidden talent : Our strategies for finding top candidates

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In today's competitive job market, finding the right talent is no longer simple. The best candidates are often passive job seekers, not actively searching for new opportunities but open to considering them if the right one comes along.

As seasoned recruiters, we understand that attracting candidates requires finesse, expertise, and a carefully crafted approach. Instead of chasing after candidates, allow us to show you how we can be the beacon that draws them to your organization in search of exciting new career opportunities.


Personalised outreach that speaks to the candidates’ ambitions.

Reaching out to active or passive candidates with a generic and impersonal message is like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean. Our recruitment experts understand the value of personalised engagement. Through thorough research and keen insights, we uncover what truly motivates each candidate, enabling us to tailor our messages to their unique aspirations. By showcasing how your company aligns with their long-term career goals, we ensure that your organisation stands out as the irresistible choice.

Building Meaningful Connections

Forming authentic relationships with candidates is the cornerstone of our approach. We believe in cultivating connections and our specialist recruiters invest time in understanding each candidate's preferences, values, and ambitions, allowing us to present opportunities that genuinely resonate.

Unveiling Exclusive Insights

We possess an extensive network that grants us insider knowledge on active or passive candidates who might be exploring opportunities discreetly. Our access to these exclusive insights and job boards gives us a distinct advantage in identifying the perfect fit for your organisation. By leveraging our extensive connections and industry expertise, we bring forth talent that would have otherwise remained hidden.

Showcasing Your Company's Unique Appeal: Compelling job advertisements

Your company's culture and values are the soul of your organisation. We take pride in crafting compelling job adverts that showcase this. By highlighting the unique benefits, growth opportunities, and exciting projects your organization offers, we captivate candidates and inspire them to envision a future as part of your team.

A Seamless Journey to Success

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure a seamless journey for both candidates and clients. We go above and beyond to create an exceptional candidate experience, ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive and lasting impression. From initial contact to onboarding, we prioritize a seamless and pleasant journey for every individual, transforming candidates into enthusiastic brand ambassadors for your organisation.



Reaching active and passive job candidates requires creativity, persistence, and a strategic approach. At Eligo we specialise in drawing top-tier candidates to your organisation with our personalised approach, genuine connections, exclusive insights, and compelling narratives.

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