How to attract and hire talent

How to attract and hire talent

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The three words every hiring manager dreads.

If you always manage to retain every single member of staff and this is the first time you’ve heard those three words then you should probably stop reading right now, as I can add no further value for you!

However, if you’re with the other 99.9% of us, you will probably be wondering how you can cost-effectively recruit and retain talent.

We all know that businesses usually hire based on skills and knowledge and fire based on behaviours. Hiring managers spend hours on end defining roles, responsibilities and functions but are rarely able to consistently clearly explain what the required behaviours are, both within the role and the company.

Even if you manage to side-step old clichés of a “strong team player” or a “self-starter”, they might struggle to accurately assess and evaluate during the interview process.

Sound familiar? These are just a few of the problems with hiring tactics adopted by organisations that can prevent you from effectively attracting, hiring, and retaining talent.


What else is stopping you from effectively attracting and hiring the talent you need?


  • Not having a clear goal of what you are looking for – without discussing what your business is looking for with senior management, too often there are mixed views on what the need is, from what the role will entail to who the ideal candidate is. This often occurs during the interview process is in full flow and a significant amount of time has already been invested, with little or no progress made.
  • Judging a book by its cover – too many companies judge a candidate by their cover letter, CV, or those that portray the best interview skills. These hiring decisions are based on gut feeling without giving attitudes and behaviours the time of day, despite these being some of the main reasons for employee dismissal and underperformance.
  • Lack of process deters progress – Hiring is a two-way process, which means a poor application and interview process can reflect poorly on the business and can put off candidates. If you don’t consider your employer brand and how it reflects throughout, it can lead to a significant amount of time wasted if it does not reap the candidate you are looking for.



Consider including these factors in your recruitment strategy to effectively attract and hire talent that's right for you.


Expand your search (and resources)

Casting your net wide in your search for talent is particularly important and why dealing with a connected recruiter can be a good investment. It is often the case that the best candidates can’t just be found on job boards or search, they may even already be currently employed. It is essential to know about candidates who are the best in the industry, who might be thinking about moving roles and how you are going to get them. Recruiters who are connected to tech communities and are attending events are more likely to have a talent pool for you to choose great talent.


Have a clear understanding of what is needed

By collaborating with senior management, you can easily define the type of candidate out there and what exactly is wanted from them. This is vital to hiring the right candidate as well as ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. Once you have defined and set out the key traits you want in your next employee, finding them will become a whole lot easier.


Employee Pre-screening and behavioural testing

A pre-screening of your candidates is vital in saving time throughout the application process. Combined with behavioural testing and key competency questions to establish key attributes, strengths and weaknesses it will also enable effective candidate shortlisting. Behavioural testing can save your company both time and recruitment costs by reducing the time needed to complete the whole interview process, time and money on training candidates and on reducing employee turnover as candidates are proven to stay at their company longer when matched with their ideal position.


Employer branding is key

Your employer brand is key in the application process and can be reflected throughout; while you are on the lookout for the ideal candidate, they are also assessing you and whether it will be the right company for them. Here’s why your brand might not be attracting the best developers.


Bringing together the points mentioned above to ensure a smooth and efficient application process that is personalised to your brand image and values, will appeal to the potential candidate whilst saving recruitment time and cost! – you will also be pleased to know there is an easy way to achieve this!

Eligo can be your partner in navigating these trends, helping you attract, retain, and empower top talent. Get in touch today to discuss how we can tailor our recruitment services to your specific needs.