Eligo Medical supports the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout : can we help your GP practice?

Eligo Medical supports the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout : can we help your GP practice?

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​It has been announced this week that GPs at 280 sites will deliver 270,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine from December 14th.


Eligo Medical are ready to support the COVID-19 vaccine rollout by supplying Doctors, Nurses, HCAs, and Paramedics to practices that need clinicians urgently. 

We understand that each site will be expected to deliver 975 doses of vaccine across a 3.5-day period - suggesting that in total, the 280 sites will administer 273,000 doses of vaccine next week.


The flip side, of course, is meeting the demand and added pressures as these Vaccine roll-outs begin to take place across December and early 2021. With GP services being told to prepare the roll-out of 2 doses per patient, combining these delivery volumes with your already essential services is likely to increase the pressures on your practice and staff.


Eligo Medical is here to help and support your practice.

As the current pressures continue to increase, we can ensure that we are able to support you on the scale you need without the added stresses. 

At Eligo we supply clinical locum cover nationally, supplying both in-hours and out-of-hours staff in clinical and non-clinical roles. Partnering with practices like yours nationwide, we've built a strong reputation on trust, successful fast delivery, and a high standard of service.


You can read a bit more about us along with testimonials in our services brochure here.


What can you expect working with Eligo Medical?
  • Expect us to fully understand your requirements on a technical and personal level and to really get to grips with your key requirements.
  • Expect us to respond quickly to your requirements.
  • Expect high standards with full vetting and compliance processes performed on every contractor.
  • Expect us to also make ourselves available outside of working hours for any important updates.
  • Expect us to consistently go the extra mile to ensure a satisfactory conclusion and keep in regular contact throughout the process.


We understand the pressures and needs for all medical services at the moment, so please be assured that Eligo is here to help, both in terms of advice, support, and staffing, as well as with assistance on budgets etc. Speak to one of the team and we'll see what we can do to help you. 


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