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What Our Candidate Say

What our candidates say.

Well, what can I say about Jaimie. She is by far the best recruiter out there that I have had the pleasure of dealing with and I would 100% recommend her and her services from Eligo Recruitment. Jaimie is someone that actually contacts you, speaks with you, updates you, gives you confidence, believes in you and cares for you on your journey job hunting.

She is very thorough and skilled at finding the right person for the right role, even when having to look outside of the box and industry and find someone who can fit the role and duties requested by the employer, coaching you through all aspects of the stages required to get to an offer from a company.

We have been on quite a journey together in my quest for new employment. I managed to get to the final stage interview in an industry that I have absolutely no experience. I was extremely close to being chosen, it was between myself and one other person in the end, but unfortunately, I just fell at the final over.

Deflated from this and beating myself up over it, Jaimie spoke to me about all the positives supplied by the interviewer, offered me all advice required and made sure that I continued to stay positive about my search for a job.

So, with these words of encouragement ringing in my ears from Jaimie, I continued to look for work and deal with the recruiters out there who I have already described above, when out of the blue again a few weeks later, Jaimie contacted me regarding a very similar role in the same industry and recommended that I go for it.

She knew that I would be a perfect fit for this company and hadn't forgotten how close we had come to securing a previous job role, even though once again I have no experience in the industry.

Teams interview sorted within a couple of days, then face to face arranged one week later, I received an offer which I have accepted.

Without Jaimie's help, suggestions, support and enthusiasm for securing this role, I'm not sure that I would have had the offer I received yesterday in an industry that I have no experience in. So thank you Jaimie for being you and thank you for all your support in this mini journey together the past 7-8 weeks. I cannot recommend you enough!

Paul Todd
  • Account Manager