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This past month the Building Services team have been busy attending events in the industry, from the Professional Security Event in London to the Smart Cities Expo in Barcelona, giving us a chance to meet some interesting people and learn a great deal more about the Security and IoT industry. But according to the regular schedule, the end of the month calls for a wrap up of the industries latest news. In this month's update, we cover the safety guidance offered to candidates in the upcoming election,  Human-Centric Lighting Reaching Tipping Point in Workplaces, Applying IoT to emergency services and much more. 



Fire and Security 

Black Friday warning: online shoppers more likely to be victims of cyber attacks

E-commerce attacks targeted directly at shoppers have increased by 15 per cent compared to last year, and online shoppers are more likely to be the victim of cyber-attacks. The increase in online shopping, via smartphones and apps combined with the heightened and lengthened shopping period, means a heightened time for cyber-attacks. A new report from cyber firm Kaspersky states that the likelihood of financial phishing attacks increases by 24 per cent, compared to the average value throughout the year. 

To read more about the report on online shoppers at risk of cyber attacks here 
(Professional Security) 22/11/2019

black Friday warning online shoppers more at risk of cyber attacks

World Sales of Physical Security Products in 2019 was $34.3Bn

Memoori's latest report shows that the total value of world production of Physical Security products at factory gate prices in 2019 was $34.3bn. Of the 3 product categories covered in the report, video surveillance had the highest rate of growth at 9.7% over the last 3 years and accounts for 56% of world sales, with Access control covering 24% and Intruder Alarms 20%. Despite the 8.5% increase of Physical Security products, the report also states that the demand structure is unbalanced. 

Read more about the state of world sales of physical security products in 2019
(Memoori) 13/11/2019 


Safety Guidance for Candidates in Elections

Election candidates are being issued with advice and guidance to help them respond if they experience intimidatory behaviour or abuse during the election campaign in the run-up to the general election on the 12th of December. Guidance for Candidates in Elections - when it goes too far advises on actions or behaviours that could constitute a criminal offence, when to call 999 and what candidates can do to protect themselves. This guidance is a joint effort from the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), the electoral commission, the College of Policing and the Crown Prosecution Service. 

To read more about the Guidance for Candidates in Elections click here 
(Professional Security) 15/11/2019 



Office lighting should be CRI 90, for health and wellbeing 

According to Signify, lighting in offices should have a Colour Rendering index of 90, not 80 as standard. The move to a higher metric of would support the trend to put health and well-being in the workplace at the top of the agenda and tie in the increasingly widely-adopted WELL Building Standard. Apparently this step-up in Colour Rendering Index will more accurately render object colours - displaying them even more precisely.

Read more about the new suggested Colour Rending index for offices here

office lighting should be CRI 90 for health and wellbeing

Human-Centric Lighting Reaching Tipping Point in Workplaces

A university whitepaper 'The impact of Lighting and Views on the Workplace of the Future' has compared the benefits of Human Centric Lighting to traditional lighting systems. The whitepaper concludes that there is now enough evidence in the workplace setting to recommend broad concepts around Human-Centric Lighting for improved employee performance. The science of the circadian rhythm is demonstrating the effect of light on health and wellbeing; attracting attention from building owners looking to add value to their properties. 

Read more about human-centric lighting's effect on workplaces here
(Memoori) 11/11/2019 

FUTURE Designs wins Lux Award for Crossrail lighting

FUTURE Designs won the Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the year at the Lux Awards 2019 for its bespoke lighting solution, IKON, for Crossrail, Europe's largest infrastructure project. FUTURE Designs created several bespoke products including IKON uplighter luminaire, which are positioned on top of wayfinding totems and IKON EMERGANCY is positioned within the vertical faces of the totems helping to guide Crossrail passengers to safety.

Click here to read more about FUTURE Designs winning the Lux Award.
(a1Lighitngmag) 26/11/2019

Signify 3d prints recyclable luminaires for M&S



Applying IoT to emergency services 

With so many autonomous devices connected to the internet one application that has sparked interest is how IoT can help in Emergency situations. Possibilities include IoT devices providing advance warning of danger wherever it arises – giving emergency services a crucial head start in cutting response times – or connected devices even taking action themselves, such as turning off power or water. ETSI recently published a Technical Report which examines eight use cases to explore how IoT-based communications could provide benefits for emergencies.

Click here to read more about applying IoT to emergency services
(iottechnews) 22/11/2019

Applying IoT to emergency services

Satellite IoT Applications Could Multiply

A handful of satellite vendors have announced their intent to change the offering of global connectivity, with one company Swarm Technologies which recently announced its plans to launch satellites to deploy 150 satellites by the end of next year to support IoT applications. If the satellite industry can keep costs relatively low, they could be rewarded for providing connectivity for IoT applications and the industry could account for up to 2% of the IoT market. 

Click here to read more about satellite industry plans to multiply IoT applications
(iotworldtoday) 12/11/2019 

Study shows 66% increase of IoT in two years

Telefónica has presented its second study on the Internet of Things (IoT), Things Matter 2019: the experience of the IoT user in Spain, revealing that the number of consumers using connected devices and their applications has grown by 66% over the previous report. The report also addresses an increased awareness of IoT sustainability and security and, there has been a shift from a strictly functional vision to a commitment from both industry and users to build a sustainable and safe technological ecosystem in which environmental factors are taken into account.

Click here to read more about the increase in IoT use in two years
(iotbusinessnews) 19/11/2019



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