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This week in the tech news roundup PostgreSQL, Amazon creates 1000 jobs in UK cities, Facebook is being sued over inaccurate video metrics and Google will be charging Android device makers for using apps in the EU.
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PostgreSQL 11 available

The PostgreSQL team has announced a major update to its open-source relational database. The new update has performance improvements as well as specific enhancements for large databases and high computational workloads. The release also adds the ability to partition data with a hash key or hash partitioning, working to improve data federation ability with functionality improvements for partitions.

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(SD Times) 18/10/2018


Amazon creates 1000 jobs in UK cities

Amazon has revealed plans to create over 1,000 highly skilled jobs in UK cities Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge. International Trade Secretary said the new positions were an “enormous vote confidence in the UK”. Last year Amazon opened a new UK head office and development centre in Shoreditch and the company now has more than 100 buildings in the UK.

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(BBC Tech) 18/10/2018


Facebook sued over inaccurate video metrics

Court documents have revealed that Facebook was aware of inaccuracies in the way it measured how many people viewed video on its site for a longer than it has previously admitted in September 2016. The error affected a Facebook metric called “average duration of video viewed” which was supposed to tell publishers for how long, on average, people had watched a video.

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(BBC Tech) 19/10/2018


Google to start charge Android device makers for using apps in EU

Google has announced that it will be changing the way it licenses its suite of Android apps in Europe, and for the first time will charge a licensing fee for the Play Store and other Google apps. These changes come following a ruling in July by the European Commission, which filed the company $5 billion for antitrust violations, ordering it to stop “illegally tying” Chrome and search apps to Android.

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(The Verge) 16/10/2018


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