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This week in tech, Java and JavaScript remain top languages for enterprise development, Windows 95 can now be downloaded as an app, new tech let’s submarines ’email’ planes and Samsung announce its first Android Go phone.
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Java and JavaScript remain top languages for enterprise development

A new report from Cloud Foundry Foundation finds that businesses are continuing to choose Java and JavaScript for their enterprise application needs. The Report also found that following Java and JavaScript the top 10 languages for the enterprise are: C++, C#, Python, PHP, VB.NET, C, Visual Basic 6 and VBA.

Click here to read the report and find out why Java and JavaScript remain top languages for enterprise development.
(SD Times) 22/08/2018


The Windows 95 app you download on MacOS, Windows and Linux 

Windows 95 is now an app that users can download to their MacOS, Windows or Linux servers. A Slack Developer has published the source code and app installers for the project on GitHub. At only 129mb it can be downloaded for a quirky trip down memory lane

Click here to read more about Windows 95 as an app for MacOS, Windows and Linux
(The Verge) 23/08/2018


New Tech lets submarines ‘email’ planes

It’s currently difficult for planes to pick up underwater sonar signals because they reflect off the water’s surface, but researchers at MIT have developed a way for submerged submarines to communicate with planes in the sky. The system uses an underwater speaker to aim sonar signals directly at the water’s surface, creating ripples only a few micrometres in height.

Click here to read more about the tech that allows submarines to ‘email’ planes
(BBC tech) 22/08/2018


Samsung announces first Android Go phone

Samsung has announced the Galaxy J2 Core, the company’s first phone to run Android Go, a lighter stripped-down version of the operating system. The software will be able to run lighter versions of Google apps and optimisations for lower-end devices with still a layer of Samsung UI on top.

Click here to read more about Samsung’s first Android Go
(TheVerge) 23/08/2018


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