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This week in tech news Android P Beta 3 is now available, UK and France are set to sign AI and Data partnership, Sillicon Valley insiders reveal that social media apps are deliberately addictive to users and Instagram introduces new features to stop users ‘overgramming’.
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Android P Beta 3 is now available

The Android Development Team has begun rolling out Android P Beta 3, which will feature the latest bug fixes and optimisations for stability and polish. Google has said that with this beta, developers should have everything needed to test apps or extend them with Android P features such as multi camera support, display cutout, enhanced notifications, ImageDecoder, TextCassifier and many others.

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(SD Times) 03/07/2018


UK and France to sign AI and data partnership

A data partnership between UK and France will see the Alan Turing Institute sign an agreement with the French Institute DATAIA to pursue collaborative research in areas of mutual interest, including transparency, fairness and the design and implementation of algorithms. Alan Wilson CEO of Alan Turing Institute declared the main goal behind the research “is to build a data and AI enriched world for the benefit of all.”

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(UKTN) 06/07/2018


Social media apps are ‘deliberately’ addictive to users

We’ve all known that we are to some extent addicted to our smart phones, but according to Silicon Valley insiders, social media companies are not helping with these addictions by deliberately addicting users to their products for financial gain. On the BBC’s Panorama programme, Silicon Valley insiders revealed how the major social media companies were ‘addicting’ users with designers driven to creating addictive app features by business models of the big businesses that employed them.

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(BBC Technology) 04/07/2018


Instagram introduces new features to stop ‘overgramming’

Instagram is deterring users from endless scrolling and distraction by notifications by rolling out it’s “You’re all caught up – You’ve seen all new posts from the past 2 days” warning in the feed. Past that notice will only be posts that iOS and Android users have already seen or posted more than 48 hours ago. The aim of this new feature is to help with addictive scrolling in search of new posts scattered by the algorithm.

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(Tech Crunch) 02/07/2018


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