Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 25/05/2018


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover a growth of Saudi Arabian physical security market, Grenfell fire doors not meeting the required standards, a major increase in a number of hotels using mobile key technology market & more…


Grenfell fire doors did not meet the standards

The building regulations guidance requires fire doors to resist fire for up to 30 minutes. Earlier this year the Metropolitan Police informed government a fire door installed at Grenfell Tower failed after approximately 15 minutes when tested by the police. The government immediately sought advice from its independent expert panel to see what action was required, and have undertaken further testing and investigations. The expert panel has concluded there is a performance issue with these Manse Masterdor fire doors, which do not consistently meet the 30-minute fire resistance standard.

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(Security World Market, 22/05/2018)

Major increase in a number of hotels using mobile key technology

With the seemingly endless mobile technologies available to today’s tech-savvy travelers, hotels are beginning to adapt quickly and efficiently to keep up with the frequently changing demands of their guests, who now expect instant service. Mobile key is a technology that many upscale brands are installing because they’re in the stages of making it a requirement at each property to ensure the delivery of innovative services and solutions to guests and staff. While this is typically a key driver of why hotels are implementing such solutions, hoteliers are beginning to truly see the value in what mobile key has to offer.

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(Security World Market, 25/05/2018)

Saudi Arabian physical security market is growing

Although during 2014-17, the physical security system market recorded negative growth, 6wresearch predicts that post 2017 the market is expected to bounce back due to recovery of oil prices. According to their latest research, the Saudi Arabia Physical Security Systems market is projected to reach $312 million by 2024. “The video surveillance segment accounted for the majority of the market share owing to increasing deployment of IP video surveillance systems as per government regulation in the residential and commercial sectors, followed by access control systems and license plate recognition systems.”

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(Security World Market, 24/05/2018)

How to turn “grey spaces” into defensible spaces?

“Grey space” is the term used to label the undefended areas between security protected zones. In a grey space, a criminal or terrorist can prepare for their attack feeling unobserved, and with a low risk of identification. Recent attacks that have been initiated in grey spaces include the 2017 ones in Manchester, and Westminster Bridge and Borough Market in London. “If urban communities of security professionals and estate owners can collaborate to extend their defensible spaces, they will limit the grey spaces that allow for low-risk preparation; increasing the attacker’s paranoia and hopefully deterring an attack”. “Grey space” will be the topic for a panel of speakers on day one of IFSEC 2018 at Excel in London Docklands.

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(Professional Security Magazine, 24/05/2018)

Issues in policing landscape in town centres

The policing landscape in town centres is becoming more fragmented, just as civic life in those town centres is becoming more degraded, as such anti-social behaviour as public (illegal) drug-taking, urinating and littering, are ever more blatant, for whatever reason; what doesn’t help is the change in the police towards fire-fighting, responding to 999 calls, giving no time for local beat patrolling. Those with responsibility (and budgets) for town centres, whether councils or business improvement districts, or business crime reduction partnerships, are seeking to fill that gap.

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(Professional Security Magazine, 24/05/2018)

NSI delivering ‘Show Me How’ presentations aimed at installers at IFSEC 2018

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is partnering with the organisers of IFSEC International to deliver two ‘Show Me How’ presentations aimed at installers. Taking place on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 June they will bring to life the latest technologies and technical and industry updates. installers are invited to join Mark Gallagher, NSI Technical Officer, for a session on user-focused design of CCTV systems and NSI’s code of practice NCP 104. Attendees will gain first-hand insight into the update on standards associated with video surveillance and NSI’s perspective on CCTV design and additional user requirements.

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(IFSEC Global, 23/05/2018)

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