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This week in technology news, 3 are injured in a shooting at YouTube HQ, Apple Watch data provides clues in a murder trial, Google introduces TensorFlow Hub, a new survey shows UK businesses are unprepared financially for cyber-attacks, Spotify goes public, Malaysia makes fake news illegal and California DMV sets new regulations for autonomous vehicles.
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Shooting at YouTube HQ

On Tuesday 3 employees were shot at YouTube’s HQ in Californa, with the female suspect found dead. Police say they are still investigating a motive but the suspect had in the past posted material venting anger towards YouTube and in one of her videos criticised the platform for discriminating against and filtering her posts and her personal website she accused YouTube of taking steps to prevent her videos from getting views.

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(BBC News) 04/04/2018


Apple Watch data provides clues for a murder trial

Australian police have presented data gathered from an Apple watch as evidence in a murder trial; the recorded data is consistent with a person going into shock and losing consciousness and provides a foundational piece of evidence that demonstrates the falsity to the accused’s statement to the police.

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(BBC News) 03/04/2018


Google releases new TensorFlow Hub improvements

A new library for reusable learning machine models was announced by tech giant Google at the annual TensorFlow Developer Summit last week, along with an improved programming model for Python developers and a new method for running Estimator models. This newly announced TensorFlow Hub will allow developers to publish, discover and consume reusable parts of machine learning models.

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(SD Times)


UK businesses are still unprepared for cyber-attacks

According to a Lloyds bank survey, only a third of British businesses have a financial plan in place in case of a cyber-attack. Following an attack over a third of firms would pay ransom to get their data back, while only a quarter had dedicated cyber insurance set up. Last years WannaCry ransomware attack is estimated to have cost around £6bn globally and last year’s report from Lloyds found that a wide scale attack could cost up to £41bn in economic losses.

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(City A.M) 03/04/2018


Spotify goes public

On Tuesday Spotify went public and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, from this their shares ended up 12.9% valuing the world’s largest streaming music service at $26.5 billion. Spotify has also introduced a new kind of IPO by allowing existing shareholders to directly sell their holdings to the stock market, instead of selling new shares to institutional investors before the first day of trading.

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(UKTN) 03/04/2018



Malaysia makes fake news illegal

Citizens of Malaysia could spend up to six years in jail for spreading fake news across social media or those working a digital publication. The bill was passed in parliament on Monday but has been criticised for impending free speech. Malaysia is one of the first countries to enforce a statewide ban of fake news that punishes the party that publishes the offending content.

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(The Verge) 02/04/2018



California DMV sets new regulations for autonomous vehicles

Following the recent fatal Uber self-driving incident, the DMV in California has adopted new regulations for safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles on public roads. With deployment companies need to ensure their cars can detect and respond to roadway situations, meet best practices and detect cyber attacks.

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(Tech Crunch) 02/04/2018


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