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This week in our technology news roundup UK MP’s launch review into cryptocurrencies, AI Centre of Excellence for app development launched, NHS calls for developers to submit health apps to its library, Snap’s market value plummets from one tweet and RBS hires a ‘digital human’ to help customers.
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UK MPs launch review into cryptocurrencies

In order to fully understand the risks and benefits of digital money, the Treasury Committee has launched an inquiry into cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them. Due to the explosion of interest and the volatility of cryptocurrencies UK MP’s will be looking into the role of digital currencies in the UK, and how Britain’s financial infrastructure might be better protected, without stifling innovation.

Read more about UK MP’s inquiry into cryptocurrencies here
(BBC News) 22/02/2018


AI Centre of Excellence for app development launched

OutSystems has launched a new initiative to bring AI and Machine Learning to software development. Project Turing, named after the father of theoretical computer science and Artificial Intelligence Alan Turning, will explore how AI and ML can transform software development over the next decade.

Read more about Project Turing here
(SD Times) 22/02/2018


NHS calls for developers to submit health apps to its library

The NHS Apps Library first launched back in 2013, closed in 2015 and then re-launched in 2017 in order to keep going the health service is calling for developers to submit their health apps to help meet the goal of becoming the “go-to place” for “safe and effective digital tools”. NHS Digital has partnered with digital health app experts Our Mobile Health to assess the effectiveness of apps submitted to the library.

Read more about the NHS Apps Library here
(Developer-tech) 22/02/2018

One tweet from a reality TV star causes Snap’s stock to drop

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner caused Snap stock to drop this week, clearing out $1.3bn of their market value with one simple tweet where she claims she no longer opens the picture messaging app. This comes after 1 million Snapchat users signed an online petition asking the tech company to reverse its updated design.

Read more about Snap’s fall in market value here
(Bloomberg Technology) 22/02/2018


RBS hires a ‘digital human’ to help customers

British Bank RBS has hired a life-like avatar called Cora to help customers with basic queries and giving its digital baking drive a more human face.  The ‘digital human’ will only deploy Cora to NatWest customers if the bank’s female avatar passes her probation period and will answer simple questions on getting a mortgage to lost cards.

Read more about RBS ‘digital human’ here
(Reuters) 21/02/2018


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