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This week in our technology news roundup we take a look at the cool wearable tech at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea, the UK gov launches new Tech Talent Charter to address diversity, Google introduces Android KTX and MP’s address fake news with US tech giants.
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Wearable tech at the Winter Olympics

With the winter Olympics starting today it’s interesting to discover the different types of wearable tech that will help the athletes not only skate faster but stay warm in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Tech has always played a major part in previous Olympics, but this year major fashion brands have brought their connected clothing to athletes at this winter Olympics; from Ralph Lauren’s self-warming jacket to Samsung’s smart suit to help increase the speed of skaters.

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(Tech Republic) 08/02/2018



UK Government launches new Tech Talent Charter to address diversity issue  

With ongoing concerns over the lack of diversity in the tech industry, the Government has called upon tech giants to commit to interviewing more women for new roles. The digital minister Margot James will write to technology firms such as Google, Twitter and Facebook to request they adopt the Tech Talent Charter. This charter includes a set of measures seeking to address the lack of women in senior posts at prominent tech businesses.

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(UKTN) 05/02/2018


Introducing Android KTX for Kotlin Development

Android KTX are a set of extensions that improve the process of writing Kotlin code for Android and will enable developers to do a number of new things; from converting strings to URI’s more naturally to easily editing SharedPreferences. Developers will be pleased with this new announcement, as not only will it be more efficient at translating path differences but also simplifying the process of triggering an action with View onPreDraw by several lines of code.

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(SD Times) 06/02/2018


MP’s to address fake news with US tech giants

The UK’s digital, culture, media & sports committee have travelled to Washington to hold a hearing with tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter surrounding fake news on their platforms. The House of Commons committee will grill representatives and they will also hear evidence from a range of academics, news journalists and broadcasters. This hearing shows that the UK and US are taking the problem of fake news very seriously, with mounting pressure on tech firms to do more to tackle it.

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(BBC Tech) 08/02/2018


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