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In the latest technology news round up a report reveals the top 7 programming languages of 2018, Google announces the most searched terms of 2017, Denmark considers blockchain as a new weapon in the fight for human rights and millions of Britons lack ‘decent’ broadband.




Predictions: Top 7 programming languages of 2018

Coding Dojo has released the top 7 programming languages that are in most demand and that developers should be aware of over the next year. The company analysed data from Indeed on 25 programming languages, stacks and frameworks in order to figure out which were the seven in demand by employers. According to the data, Java is the most in-demand language with 68,000 jobs in 2017, however, that number is expected to decrease in 2018 to 62,000.

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Google announces most searched in 2017

According to Googles latest survey of searches, 2017 is the year of bitcoin. “What is bitcoin?” was the fourth most searched “what is…” query and “how to mine bitcoins” was the sixth most searched “how to…” question, while “how to buy bitcoin” was second only to people asking how to make slime in the UK. Last year was dominated by Trump and Brexit with politics featuring heavily on our lives as result of the general election.

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Denmark considers blockchain as a new weapon in the fight for human rights

Denmark has highlighted the potential application for blockchain technology to be used in humanitarian aid, and it’s considering becoming the first donor country to move funds using cryptocurrencies. According to the Danish Foreign Ministry, blockchain offers new levels of trust that are missing from paper-based contracts.

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(ZDnet) 14/12/2017



Millions of Britons lack ‘decent’ broadband

Communications regulator Ofcom has found many Britons still struggle with slow broadband. According to the Connection Nations report, more than one million homes and offices still struggle to get good broadband, with 4% of properties cannot get broadband speed fast enough to meet their needs. Smartphone access to the net also needs to improve when travelling, with the report finding that the UK’s appetite for data has grown at a huge rate in the last 12 months.

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(BBC News) 15/12/2017


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