Fire & Security Industry News Round-up 24/11/2017


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This week in our Fire & Security industry news round-up we cover the growth of the global physical security products market, offender tagging scheme delay, Fire & Security Excellence Awards and more…


The Global Physical Security Products market’s growth

Memoori’s latest report predicts that by 2022, the Global Market for Physical Security Products Will Reach $41 billion. The report delivers market sizing data on 3 major product groupings; Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intruder Alarms. Of these 3, still largely independent businesses, Access Control has maintained its average growth of approx. 7% over the last 3 years, and now takes a share of 23.5% of the total business. The challenge that currently preoccupies most video surveillance companies is how they can operate profitably during the “race to the bottom” and survive.


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(Memoori, 22/11/2017)

What you need to know about the fire door safety responsibilities

Knowing the many different standards and regulations that affect the use of fire doors, which can often be complex and sometimes contradictory, can be tough. In fact, only 35% of the lowest income households renting say they have been given information on the emergency fire plan. At the same time, more than 58% of tenants have no idea who the responsible person is in their buildings. And, that’s likely why 15% cent of tenants who have had fire safety concerns have never reported them to anyone. Exactly who is responsible for ensuring the fire doors in a building function correctly to guarantee the safety of our buildings and its occupants?

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(Security News Desk, 22/11/2017)

UK offender tagging scheme to come into use before 2019

The scandal-hit initiative has hit more delays, which means the next-generation satellite tracking tags for keeping tabs on offenders will not come into use until early 2019. The scheme, intended to save up to £30 million, has so far cost £60 million on top of its original £130 million budget. Already running five years late, it was further delayed because the general election postponed part of the contracting. Ministry of Justice officials admitted that major mistakes had been made, including a failure to pilot the tags. They hope about 1,000 offenders a year can be tracked when it is eventually implemented in early 2019. The private security company has now been appointed to complete the project.

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(IFSEC Global, 23/11/2017)

Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2017

The winners have been announced! The event took place on Wednesday at London’s prestigious Hilton Hotel on Park Lane. Every year, around 1,000 of Fire & Security industry’s foremost practitioners gather to recognise and honour the magnificent achievements of their peers, at the sell-out event. Not only do the awards provide great networking opportunities, but the evening is also a tremendous social occasion. The food and wines are always of the highest calibre, and there is great entertainment into the small hours. this year was no different.

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