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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology News Roundup this week ending 20/10/2017, UK Fintech startups are on track for a record-breaking year of investment, a report finds most Java apps are susceptible to hacks, Tech firms have an ethical responsibility to stop terrorists plotting attacks online and Pizza Hut delivers news of a data breach too late to affected customers. 




UK Fintech start-ups are on track for a record-breaking year of investment in 2017

New figures have revealed that Fintech start-ups in the UK are on track to attracting a record amount of investment in 2017 despite Brexit concerns. More than £760m / $1bn has already been ploughed into technology firms hoping to disrupt finance this year by venture capital investors, more than double the amount this time last year. The data also predicts that investment across Europe could break the $2bn barrier for the first time in 2017, having already hit a record of $1.8bn across 216 deals in the first three quarters of the year.

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(City A.M.) 19/10/2017


Report finds majority of Java apps are susceptible to hack attacks

Java developers should be more aware of the open source software components they put in their applications if they want to avoid a security breach. A report release by Veracode has revealed that 88% of Java apps include at least one vulnerable component and about 53% of Java apps rely on a vulnerable version of the Commons Collections components. According to the technologies company, the main reason applications become vulnerable is because developers don’t often patch their applications when new vulnerabilities are found or new versions of their components are released.

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(SDtimes) 18/10/2017


Tech firms have ethical responsibility to stop terrorists plotting attacks online

According to Andrew Parker, head of MI5, tech firms such as Google, Facebook or Twitter have an “ethical responsibility” to stop terrorists using the internet to plot attacks and purchase bomb materials. He also stated that citizens had a “reasonable expectation” that firms would do whatever they could to help tackle the issue. Just last month the UK PM urged technology giants to go “further and faster” to stop the propagation of online terrorist material – including the creation of new technologies to ensure it stopped appearing online in the first place.

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(UK Tech) 18/10/2017


Pizza Hut delivers data breach news late to affected customers

Despite acting quickly to handle the data breach, some customers were disgruntled by the two-week notification delay. Pizza Hut has been hit by a data breach that has resulted in the theft of card details, and the customers involved have only just been notified of the incident that took place two weeks ago, between 1-2nd of October. This has left some affected customers irritated that they were not able to be proactive following the attack and this is not the first time the pizza chain has been hit by a data breach that targeted card details, with a breach in 2012 affecting 240,000 customers.

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(cbronline) 18/10/2017


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