The election manifesto worth talking about; what should be the next UK government’s focus on tech?


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Do you have any strong views on what technology issues you believe should be covered in each party’s policy on tech? Or are you possibly wondering what the technology community want the government to include in the policies for tech in their election manifesto? Well wonder no more…

With the announcement of a snap general election on the cards, the technology community have responded on how the next government’s focus on tech needs to take it a step further in making a top-notch digital economy that works for all.

Last Wednesday Tech UK released their manifesto which sets out a “bold and ambitious vision” for the next Government in power. This vision includes nurturing the skills for the Jobs of the future along with four other top priorities for the government to take note to “create a modern and dynamic digital economy that works for everyone”- by 2020.

With advancements in technology from IOT, Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cards, tech has come a long way since the first industrial revolution. Now entering our fourth industrial revolution, the next UK government has the perfect opportunity to step up and deliver solutions in response to issues and fears that have been plaguing the technology community.

So, what should be the next UK government’s focus on tech? – UK Tech identify five fundamental objectives that face these issues head-on in their Tech Manifesto 2017 and we give you a quick run-down below;


Nurturing the skills for the jobs of the future; through creating new jobs and a new skilled, adaptable workforce.

Demand is said to outstrip supply in the tech sector with new jobs being created three times the rate of the rest of the economy. To ensure the UK has the digital skills it needs to thrive, the tech manifesto calls on the next UK Government to equip the future generation with world-class digital skills from an early age.  In the face of a huge digital skills gap, which is said to cost the economy around £63bn a year I’d say it is more important than ever to help create a new skilled and adaptable workforce that can handle and thrive in jobs of the future.

Achieving economic renewal through a modern industrial strategy

In this election manifesto, UK tech calls for a boost to investment in the UK’s R&D by harnessing the power of tech to solve the problem of productivity; making the UK the best place for start-ups and “create conditions for investment in a world class and digital data infrastructure”.

Harnessing digital transformation to building a smarter state

According to the tech manifesto, a digital transformation will be vital to protecting UK’s public services amid a rising public sector debt and demands on its usage. “The Smarter State” will place tech at the heart of Government to crack the next wave of digital transformation, develop expertise in the Civil Service and address barriers to innovation in health and social care.

Making Brexit a success for tech

The UK tech sector will be vital to the UK’s success in a post-Brexit world and the government must put in place a deal that will make sure the UK can thrive outside of the EU. The tech manifesto states this will require a tech-first trade deal that will do a number of things from maintaining data flows across borders, making the UK a hub for global tech talent and more.

Guaranteeing a safe a secure digital world

Further investment is needed in public sector cyber security to build upon its strong cyber security credentials and the manifesto for tech calls for the UK to be the safest place for people to go online.  This objective is more important than ever with the growing amount of cyber-attacks, including the recent ransomware cyber hack which brought chaos to the NHS and businesses worldwide.


You can read UK Tech’s Manifesto in full detail here

How do does the manifesto for tech match up with the actual party plans for the digital economy? We’ve put together a short, comprehensive guide on the political parties plans for UK tech you can compare against here.

Do you agree with this manifesto for tech and are there any issues in tech important to you that haven’t been covered in the manifesto? We would love to know what you think should be the next UK government’s focus on tech!