You heard it here first: Our tech predictions for 2017




Making yearly predictions is a risky game, especially with the unpredictable year we’ve had… but as we near the end of 2016 now’s the time we take out our crystal ball to see what tech predictions for 2017 are. As the outlook for 2017 may be subject to many changes in a world that is… unpredictable we try to pin down some tech predictions surrounding Open Source, Sitecore, Big Data and the Internet of Things, with insights from our very own specialist consultants and experts we work with.


DevOps & Linux

In 2017 the next chapter of DevOps is predicted to focus on security, with the process of building security code becoming part of application development, rather than applying it afterwards. Its relationship with the cloud will also lead to its bright future; as AWS, Red Hat and Azure continue to grow, so will DevOps.

The Linux/Microsoft relationship has always been somewhat rocky; Microsoft has previously been hostile towards free software such as Linux, additionally attacking other Linux competition with patent lawsuits. 15 years after a former Microsoft CEO labelled Linux “a cancer” the tech giant announced that it will be extending its SQL server to run on Linux with availability to users in mid-2017, showing that in the new year Microsoft will make a great contribution towards the open source ecosystem.


“We no longer have pure installation and dependency practices, but infrastructure that can be implemented in a programmatical manner. The move towards using configuration management to handle dependency upgrades alongside environment definition is part of this trend.” Mark Keating,  MD Shaddowcat Systems & Chairman of FLOSSUK.


The rise of Xamarin

2016 was a big year for Microsoft, also announcing in February its acquirement of Xamarin with plans to “empower more developers to build apps on any device”. This new collaboration will be key in making it more accessible for new and experienced developers to gain the essential skills they need to thrive in a multi-platform world.

xamarin-logo” this is a fantastic opportunity with a double edged sword – on one hand it’ll enable more people to become developers, but on the other hand, it will also increase the competition from overseas developers who may not have the same level of experience or knowledge. It’s therefore vitally important that in this next coming year you source your expertise locally and through a reputable recruitment agency.” – Paul Johnson, Xamarin expert



Another tech partnership of this year saw Xamarin and Sitecore join forces, initiating plans to further expand Sitecore’s mobile apps strategy. This can only mean good things for Sitecore in the new year with tech predictions noting an increase in demand for mobile apps in 2017.

Microsoft has had its fingers in all the pies of the technology market over the past two years and in 2016 it added Sitecore to its list of partners. In terms of predictions, this is a partnership that that will have big implications for cloud computing in 2017. Usage of the cloud is increasing at an incredible rate and Cisco has found that more than 83% of data centre traffic will be based in the cloud within the next three years. With Microsoft Azure holding 9 percent of the cloud market share, it’s offerings will speed up the delivery of Sitecore’s overall cloud computing services. Along with an integrated user interface to help business sitecore_logoowners to deploy cloud delivery infrastructure and simplify website deployment to the Azure cloud.

“With the New Azure Web Apps hosting option on Sitecore’s latest platform there will be a definite increase in companies in 2017 looking for Sitecore developers with Azure experience to leverage its full potential.” Daniel Baxter – Sitecore Recruiter


Big data and IOT

big data and IOT2016 saw the rise of the unicorn of the data job market; the data scientist, with every company wanting one on their data team. But tech predictions for 2017 are showing that the demand for data scientists is slowing down.

With the Internet of Things constantly evolving and predictions of its positive growth in 2017 will mean the role of IOT architect will move in to become the new unicorn of the data jobs market. Gartner group predicts that by 2020, there will be 50 billion things connected to the internet and that’s only three years away. Meaning there will be an increased surge of mass engagement of IOT by business from all sectors and an increase in demand of the IOT architect.

“The growth of big data will be key to businesses for years to come, 2016 was huge and will only grow further in 2017. The US & UK are at the forefront of this growth but companies across the globe are seeing the benefits of the insight and value that Big Data ads to companies. To quote “Data Science is the sexiest job of the 21st century”.
John Stephenson – Big Data Recruiter


You heard it here first…

With Microsoft practically partnering with everyone, exciting predictions for cloud computing and the shift in job markets in the pipeline, we are hopeful that the positive forecasts will hold some truth and 2017 will be a prosperous and innovative year for the technology industry.


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