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Stay tech savvy with the Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry each week. This week ending 18/11/2016 another cyber attack targets Three mobile, SpaceX plans to launch internet from space, LinkedIn gets blocked in Russia and London holds on to its top spot as the number one EU city for tech startups.







Three mobile is the latest cyber hack victim

The mobile network Three are the latest victim of a cyber-security attack, admitting last night that their data had been breached. Three men have been arrested in connection with the breach and It has been reported that the hack could risk two-thirds of the company’s 9m customers. This hack comes after other recent high-profile data breaches at Tesco Bank and Talk Talk.

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(City A.M.) 18/11/2016


SpaceX plans to launch internet from space

The private rocket firm SpaceX has applied for government permission to launch satellites that will provide global broadband internet access with a 4,425-strong satellite network. The the first 800 satellites, about the size of an average car, would be used to expand internet access in the US. SpaceX have claimed that some of their prototype satellites will launch next year, but the full constellation of satellites will not be up in the sky for another decade.

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(BBC news) 17/11/2016


LinkedIn has been blocked in Russia

A court has declared that the social network LinkedIn will be blocked in Russia, as the company is guilty of violating local data storage laws. This is down to Russia introducing legislation that requires social networks to store personal data of Russian citizens on Russian web servers. The site has more than 6 million members in Russia and it is the first time the law has been enforced against a US-based social network. Users who are unhappy with the block, believe it is about censorship and data control not protection, marking “a new era in mass censorship”.

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(BBC News) 17/11/2016


Microsoft joins forces with the Linux Foundation

Microsoft has announced it is joining forces with the Linux Foundation at a recent Microsoft Connect developer event in New York. Microsoft has been steadily increasing its engagement with Linux and the open source community, but it isn’t the first time they have worked with the industry leading Linux group, already contributing to several Linux foundation projects.

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(ZD net) 16/11/2016


London holds its post at number one city in Europe for digital startups

For two years running, London has been crowned best EU city for digital entrepreneurs, staying ahead of Stockholm in second and Amsterdam third. The UK capital is the best city for startups and the deputy mayor for business has stated that “there’s no doubt that London’s growing success as a tech hub is built upon our world class pool of talent – so it is more important than ever that companies in London across Britain have access to the global talent…”

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(City A.M.) 18/11/2016


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