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Eligo Technology news round up, featuring the latest news and updates from the Tech industry- week ending 05/08/2016





Text and email decline with the rise of WhatsApp

The nation has decided to ditch email and text messaging for one of the fastest forms of digital communication in the UK, instant messaging. Research shows that over 43% of people in Britain are now using instant messaging services such Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger at least once a week.

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(PR Week 04/08/2016)


First official blockchain provider announced for public services.

The UK government has announced that fintech startup Credits are one of its approved suppliers of blockchain technology. It is the first time that every public sector organisation across the UK will be able to use this potentially revolutionary technology.

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(City A.M. 01/08/2016)


Can machines protect us from a cyber-attack?

Darpa a US research projects agency has turned its attention to robot hackers, and are developing a software that can spot and recover vulnerabilities in other programmes before hackers can even get a look in.

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(BBC 02/08/2016)


A third of the UK say they have gone on a “digital-detox”

A new survey of the nation’s digital habits has discovered that around 15 million Brits who were suffering from online overload, have gone on a “digital detox” to escape their connected devices. Would you do the same?…

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(City A.M. 04/08/2016)

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