Eligo Recruitment announced as Employer of the Year finalist.


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Following last year’s success at the Merton Best awards, winning Best Business in SW19 and Best Enterprising Business Eligo is proud to announce that this year we have been selected as finalists for another award: Employer of the year!

We’re especially proud with this year’s success following continued efforts here at Eligo to make working here better than ever. Our approach to training, development, support, rewards, and management practices is continually evolving, and reaping benefits amongst the staff here!

As part of these efforts, we’re also continually on the look out for great recruiters to come and join the team here, including as entrants through our Eligo Academy, or as experienced recruiters where you’ll enjoy an environment with no micromanagement and rewards tailored to your success! Read more about these and some of the reasons why we have been selected as finalists in the employer of the year category below.

Eligo Academy

Eligo recognise the wealth of young talent the local area has to offer and created Eligo Academy in order to harness and nurture this talent. In particular apprentices, graduates, and returning-to-work parents, giving them an opportunity to forge a career and utilise their strengths in doing so.

New Eligoids receive a 12-month training programme that includes an introduction to recruitment and a specialist sector tailored according to their own strengths and interests. They also receive daily mentoring, coaching and training room sessions twice a week. This step-by-step approach allows them to become highly skilled in the basic yet essential elements of the role which we believe inspires them to be the highest calibre recruiters and ensure they are confident and capable in providing a quality service.

As with all things Eligo, the Director’s door is always open, particularly to the Academy entrants, giving them a chance to learn from some of the best and become an integral part of the business from day one.

Training and development

All employees at Eligo are supported by strategies aimed towards their continued training and development and over the last 12 months we have responded to feedback and have changed our polices and strategies by introducing a new dedicated senior management position for training and development. Vicky is now exclusively responsible for supporting experienced consultants with regular reviews, mentoring, and structured training sessions alongside running and managing our Eligo Academy 12-month programme!

We offer more than just a pay cheque

We believe that recognition and reward extends beyond the monthly paycheque and we try to offer a full package that enhances the working and personal lives of all staff at Eligo. These extra parts of the package include;

  • Duvet Days – Great for hangovers, family time, or a break: simply call in the morning and take a day off no questions asked.
  • Early Finish Friday – The sun is shining and the weekend can’t come soon enough! For that, we have early finish Fridays.
  • Incentives – We want our team to thoroughly enjoy their success so offer quarterly lunches & trips, bi-annual international trips & company awards.
  • Support for new ideas and development – Come to us with an idea and prove you’ve got a plan to follow it through and we’ll help you make it happen. Examples include taking accredited qualifications, starting new sector desks, and forging into the world of marketing.

You can find out more about working at Eligo by visiting our careers page here or find out from the people that work here by visiting our page on glassdoor here.

We are very much looking forward to Merton Best Business Awards this September where we will have all our fingers and toes crossed in hope for Eligo Recruitment to win Employer of the year 2016!

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