6 Reasons Why Your Commute Doesn’t Have To Drive You Crazy


by John Doherty Recruitment, life at eligo, Career Advice...

Summer might have finally reared it’s head again this week, gifting us a mini-heatwave. Heatwaves like it can take you back to a time or place like a past holiday, or your youth. All great right? Though for me, as well as these, it evokes memories of the District Line at 8am in the morning on a sticky Summer’s day, desperate to finally get to work. Thankfully those days are long gone and it got me thinking about all the reasons I don’t miss the commute into the city.

If you grew up in London, it probably feels like a lifetime that you’ve spent navigating cancellations, body odour,  and giving up any sort of hope of a seat. If not, you probably moved to the big smoke bright-eyed, excited by the opportunity to grab a quick read of your book on that famous London establishment; the tube.

Who’d have known that a couple of years down the line you’d be staring across the platform at the same people every day, readying yourself to be packed like tinned sardines, inevitably about to spill your lukewarm coffee, barely uttering signs of a sigh as delays are announced; it now feels like a lifetime for you too right?

Commuting into the city sucks. Even more so in the Summer.

 6 reasons why it’s time to change your commuting direction

Life’s too short

commuter hell

Nobody wants to start their working day miserable and your working life will inevitably suffer in one way because of it. Life brings enough occasional stresses for there to be a guaranteed surge in blood pressure every single morning and evening during the working week.

Eau de train

Eau de train

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but it doesn’t stop the odours lingering. Coffee breath, breakfast pasties, Lynx Africa, and sweaty armpits come together in a symphony of stink, one not so compatible with that hangover from last night, or the long-awaited summer heatwave.

Southern Fail

Southern Rail

We’d hate to single out, but just the name of the company has become a by-word for the dreaded commute. If you were to play sh*t commute bingo, these guys would give you the full house. As if it couldn’t get worse, last week the ceiling on a train even fell in.

The Grass is Greener

green london

London is a beautiful city with some wonderful parks and great architecture, but travelling in you can feel part of the rat race, doomed to spend the next 9 hours surrounded by tower blocks and a concrete jungle. Yet break through the boundaries of zone 1 and 2 and the grass is literally greener, with the perks and quirks of the city all whilst enjoying a little bit more.

Transport’s Bankers

Transport’s Bankers tweet

Everyone that commutes into the city feels a little bit of hate towards one commuter or another, it’s near impossible not to. Travelling in the other direction, however, is another story, with empty carriages and little more than a suit in sight.


jeremy corbyn seatgate commute

I don’t think this one needs any explanation from myself – we’ll leave that to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. The joys of travelling in the other direction include actually getting a seat!

How about somewhere with all the benefits of London without any of the above to rant about as you arrive at your desk each morning? For us that’s Wimbledon!

Here we truly are underground, overground, wombling free, with almost every transport connection you could think of, and direct trains into central in just 15 minutes should you want to meet up with clients, friends, or explore! We’ve also got a whole host of restaurants, bars – including our favourite roof terrace on our doorstep, shops, and of course, the tennis!

So how about it, time to change up your commute? Enjoy work, before you even get there.

Eligo are currently hiring for local recruiters that hate the commute just as much as we did. We’d love to talk to you more about how great our location is and just what working at Eligo is all about. Take a look at our careers page here, or get in touch for a confidential discussion to find out more.