Fire & Security Industry news round up 07/10/2016


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Fire & Security industry news round-up for the week ending 07 October 2016



93% drop of complaints thanks to body cameras

Complaints against police officers dropped by an impressive 93% since body cameras were deployed by their departments. Additionally the research by the Cambridge University shows that “everyone is at their best behavior whether the cameras are present or not”.  The study was based on over 1.4 million hours logged by officers from seven police departments in the UK and US.

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(TechCrunch, 03/10/2016)

Record-breaking Video Surveillance Cameras Cyber Attacks

“It’s getting huge”! Massive DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) cyber attacks were reported last month, involving  a cabal of hacked video surveillance cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), routers and other Internet of Things devices. The biggest bonet included over 6,800 video cameras! The attacks are getting bigger and happen more often. The question to manufacturers and installers is how they can prevent cameras becoming infected.

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(Memoori, 04/10/2016)

Growth of  the Government E-ID market?

Latest research by IHS Markit analysts predicts that by 2020, a number of  e-passports, e-identity cards, e-health cards and e-driving licenses and electronic government credentials documents will reach 1 Billion units, nearly doubling 2015 volume. The market however is very individual projects related which means that its size and growth is still be affected.

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(Security World Hotel, 06/10/2016)

FLIR Systems buys Point Grey Research

$253 Million in cash will FLIR Systems pay for Point Grey Research, the company specializing in developing machine vision cameras used in industrial automation systems, medical diagnostic equipment, intelligent traffic systems, people counting systems, military and defense products, and advanced mapping systems.

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(Nasdaq, 04/10/2016)

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