Why our approach to training our recruitment consultants is key to our growth and success


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Our approach from the beginning

At Eligo we’re proud of our recruitment consultants; they’re what make us one of the best. We’re a diverse group and realise that everyone is different; so much so that at Eligo, our recruitment consultants aren’t just staff; they’re a different breed, they’re what we call Eligoids.

Our recruitment consultants all manage their desk and recruitment process according to their personal strengths, experience, industry, market activity, client’s and candidate’s needs. Eligo has never been a ‘one size fits all’ kind of place, for clients, candidates or our recruiters. So when it comes to the training offered to our Eligoid recruitment consultants, the emphasis has always been on support and mentoring from the Directors, cross-team skill sharing, and external courses being booked according to the individual’s needs and goals.

Wimbledon Recruitment Consultants Eligo

Our very own Eligoids at Eligo HQ

We believe that the steady, continuous growth of Eligo over the last 14 years can largely be attributed to this flexible, personal approach. We are not one of those cookie cutter consultancies with 10 offices, huge external investment and only one way of doing things. We have grown organically, building a strong reputation, long term relationships and delivering excellent results consistently, personally and flexibly.

Why we had to change how we do things

Whilst our core values remain the same, including the Director’s open door policy, our continued growth has meant that the Director’s time is now spread more thinly. We, like many other successful businesses face the challenge of how to manage our growth whilst maintaining our uniqueness that got us here in the first place. As such, we have taken steps to bolster our internal training package, ensuring every recruitment consultant is able to develop, learn, and advance according to their own needs and skills, and ultimately, become the best.

Our new approach to our Recruitment Consultant Training

When it comes to being the best, it pays to learn from the best. Mike Walmsley, founder of recruitmenttraining.com, and industry renowned Recruiter and Trainer first delivered a training course to an Eligo recruitment consultant in 2006 with great success. Since then many of Eligo’s recruitment consultants have attended his 1 or 2 day courses.

Recruitment Consultant Training Mike Walmsley

Acknowledging the benefits of his expertise and training, we were keen to continue working with Mike. However it was his recruitmenttraining.com online portal that offered the flexible, personalised, regular training package that we needed. The portal enables each of our consultants to have dedicated, personalised access, where they are able to complete skills analysis tests and assess the areas in which they can best develop. This portal provides them with access to hundreds of specialised training videos from recruitment’s best, offering great insight and excellent actions for them to follow up on back at their desk. Each individual has their own Recruitment Training action plan within the portal for them to be able to manage their own training needs and developments on an ongoing basis, whilst also giving the Director and Managers direct access too so they can still provide their valued support and coaching.

Times are changing

Social Talent Recruitment Consultant Training

The way we build professional connections and relationships has changed and the best Recruitment Consultants network, engage and participate within their industry offline and online which is why we have recently started working with Social Talent, the leading provider of on-line and social media training to the recruitment and staffing industry worldwide. Working with Social Talent, enables us to not only keep up with industry changes but get ahead of them, whilst sticking with our core values and personal approach. The Black Belt in Internet Recruitment qualification, and tailored mentoring and training sessions are an incredible resource which our Recruitment Consultants are able to use where and whenever they please, consistently aiding them with finding better talent for their clients.

Supporting our Recruitment Consultants in their job

It’s not just the recruitment consultants that have been getting stuck into training at Eligo. Being the best involves a collaborative team effort, with support from experts in all subject matters. At Eligo we have dedicated office, compliance and marketing support, all of which have recently been on training courses to become in-house experts in our Recruitment specialist database RDB pronet. Advances in technology are continuous, so ongoing training is vital to ensure our Recruiters can get the most out of the database, effectively managing candidate and client relationships and responding to their requirements in the most efficient and effective way.

Green Umbrella Social Medical Recruitment Consultant TrainingLast but not least the Marketing Team has recently been working with digital and social media specialists, Green Umbrella. Under their guidance, the team have been receiving weekly coaching in order to deliver Eligo’s ambitious Digital & Social Media strategy, continually building our on-line presence and aiding our recruitment consultants be the best. Whilst we already have a strong website which attracts over 7000 visitors a month and nearly 2000 followers on LinkedIn, we are excited to continue this growth, recently making our move into the world of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube!

Exciting Times Ahead

At Eligo we may be growing as a company, but we’re dedicated to the personal growth of our recruitment consultants, after all, they’re what make us the best! We believe our comprehensive internal training is set up to support this growth and continually drive our recruitment consultants towards this.

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