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We’re proud of our work with many award winning companies at Eligo, with offices and business partnerships of these companies extending globally. As an Open Source Recruitment Specialist, I’m particularly proud to work with these companies on their specific Open Source Recruitment needs, helping place excellent candidates in market leading companies.

One of such companies is Brainbox Digital, who were established in 2012 and have since acquired Search 123 – one of the most successful businesses at helping web publishers to monetise their traffic – growing to become leaders in their field with thriving offices in Wimbledon and Munich. 

I took a moment to catch up with Rob Brown who is Technical Director at Brainbox Digital, to discuss our role in fulfilling their open source recruitment needs and what the outcome of this has been.

Brainbox’s Open Source Recruitment Need

What was your need with regards to your open source recruitment Rob?

We typically look to fill one new Junior Perl Developer role each year, training them up in-house to become a vital part of the company. We also look out for excellent designers and JavaScript Developers.

What are your aims and growth plans for the development team at Brainbox?

We want to build a well-rounded, talented development team who consistently produce cutting-edge online technologies and products for website publishers. As mentioned, our plan involves taking on Junior Perl Developers and training them in-house to grow with the company.

Challenges faced in Brainbox’s Open Source Recruitment

Have you experienced any difficulties in attracting and finding the best and right people to fill your Perl & JavaScript Developer roles?

The main problem with recruiting for Perl Developer jobs for example, is finding well-rounded developers who have an interest and / or experience in basic sys-admin skills to supplement their development abilities.

How long would it usually take you to fill your Open Source Development Job Vacancies?

Typically, it would take an average of 3 months before the project start dates to find the right candidate.

Our approach to Brainbox’s Open Source Recruitment

How would you describe Eligo Technology’s approach to your developer recruitment needs?

Both personal and specialised, your involvement with the Perl Community forging networks and relationships through your participation in events such as the London Perl Workshop and Perl Mongers helps build confidence both for us, and for the developers you recruit. Whilst I am confident that the candidates you find will be the right match and excellent quality, the candidates are equally confident in your ability to find them a role in a company that suits their requirements.

How would you describe our communication throughout the process?

We were constantly kept up-to-date on new developer candidates coming through the pipeline, with regular conversations to discuss feedback, ensuring that the perfect fit was found. The understanding of our company structure, business objectives and cultural fit was extremely impressive as a result of this.

How would you rate the quality and suitability of open source candidates you have seen at interview?

The quality and suitability of candidates has been very good, in part due to the aforementioned understanding of our company and plans for the role. It has been notably better than other recruitment companies who have sent through entirely unsuitable candidates for the available roles.

Is there one particular area of our approach which stands out?

I touched on this, but your involvement in the Perl Community. It not only means you have an extensive network of excellent Perl Developers who not only trust you, but of whom many are friends, but also demonstrates your understanding of the language, its history, and the developers within it.

The Results

What has the impact on your business been after working with Eligo Technology?

We have employed a number of very good quality Junior Perl Developers through Eligo Technology, who have since become an integral part of our team and contributed towards the company’s success. It has also saved an extensive amount of my time during the recruitment process, as you have been able to quickly send through relevant CVs and not wasted my time by being sent clearly inappropriate candidates.

You can find out more about Brainbox Digital and Rob by clicking on the image below.

Brainbox Digital Perl Recruitment

At Eligo Technology we are passionate about Open Source Recruitment, forging lasting relationships with the Developer Community, often hosting and attending Developer events, as well as with our clients. If you would like to discuss your Open Source Recruitment needs, are looking for a Developer Job opportunity, or want to hear some more about what we get involved in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss.

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