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It is always nice when a supplier offers you nice little perks for doing business with them. Jobsite over the years have done well on this front, organising some great events including golf days and footy tournaments that we have enjoyed attending. The delight and enthusiasm of our resident Portsmouth supporter, Fire and Security Recruitment Specialist, Graham, was at a new level when he heard there were some tickets up for grabs at the mighty Pompey!

So John, Fire and Security Team Director, did what any good manager would do… he grabbed those tickets and arranged a road trip!

Bright and breezy, the boys pile into John’s car on a cloudy Saturday morning but the grey skies were not going to dampen their spirits. Graham’s continuous flow of Portsmouth facts and stats could have brought them down, but his boyish enthusiasm kept them smiling.


It was only going to get better, as John had not actually disclosed the full details of the corporate hospitality package to the boys. So when they arrived to a full stadium tour, with a meet and greet with the players, followed by a slap up lunch before the game, it’s fair to say the boys were pleasantly surprised.

The first half was a bit scrappy, with AFC Wimbledon perhaps having the slight edge, just missing out on a penalty. The half time beers, courtesy of Jobsite were well received though and the second half started well with a Pompey goal in the 52nd minute. It was an exciting rest of the match but luckily they managed to hang on until the 90th minute and take their 3 points.  The positive result made for a great evening to follow, 1-0 to Portsmouth, get in!

After the generous provisions laid on by Jobsite it was perhaps time to refuel, so the boys went for a spot of dinner before hitting the town. As any good road tripper should, they made sure they visited a number of local establishments and sampled their wares before they finally blew the whistle at 4am. At which time they trundled back to the, not so glamorous, but reasonably priced Portsmouth Ibis hotel.

Breakfast was a little less spirited than it had been the day before but team camaraderie kept them smiling, well, 3 of them were smiling… the 3 that were planning a well-deserved sleep in the car! John however had to bear the weight of his leadership responsibilities and drive everyone home, ouch!

A great day for Eligo team Fire and Security. Thank you Jobsite.

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