Incentives and Rewards

Quarterly incentives and company-wide trips

We have regular quarterly achiever's incentives which always involve something fun from mini-golf and cocktail making to paintball, go-karting and a swanky meal, and of course, our weekly game of Deal of Fortune!

We recognise every member of the team's contribution to the quarter.  So, when it’s time to jet off and celebrate abroad, every one of our high achievers from recruitment consultants to marketing, finance and operations are invited!

Our past incentive holidays have included; Barbados, Vegas, Morzine, Dubai, Marbella and Tenerife.

Want to join us on our next trip? Join the team.

More than just a paycheque

Every job offers a paycheque, it's the little added extras that make a workplace even greater.
From the start we wanted to create a workplace where people would enjoy coming to, that would support and develop careers and reward the excellent work our teams do.

We offer a range of benefits for our Eligo employees;
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    Incentives and Competitions

    You deserve to be rewarded! On top of quarterly activity days and lunches, international trips, and the odd bottle of bubbly, we've got the Eligo Deal of Fortune and many more competitions and incentives.

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    Duvet Days ​

    We can talk about holiday allowance, but duvet days are great and additional! With 4 a year, you can take the morning or day off whenever you want, no questions asked. Get some more sleep, enjoy the sun, celebrate a little more...

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    Flexible Working​

    We all have busy lives and different responsibilities, and those we work with do too. We have flexi working meaning you can start earlier or later to maximise your day and work around your schedule.

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    Pay Reviews & Personal Development​

    Be your own success with Eligo. Everyone here has their own PDP which is reviewed every 6 months and triggers pay rises, promotions, extra support and much more. Bring your ideas to the table and we'll help make them happen.

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    5 Year Sabaatical

    We talked about this above, but we want to reward your success, plus we all need some time to recharge. After 5 years, take up to a month's paid sabbatical! Go on a trip, do charity work, renovate the house, it's up to you.

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    ​Nights out & Socials

    Every Friday we get the drinks out and have a company wrap-up, and at the end of the month, we have an extended celebration and a company night out. There's also 5-a-side Mondays, regular social events, and much more.

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    ​Extended lunch & finish early Fridays

    ​What better day to take a longer lunch with your colleagues, maybe go to the gym or take a long walk in the sun. Additionally, everyone has the chance to leave early on Friday's.

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    ​35+ days holiday

    As standard you're looking at around 35 days holiday (we have the Christmas period off too). After 2 years you'll also get a day off in your Birthday week, and an additional holiday day after 3 years!

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