lighting sales manager


What does a Lighting Sales Manager do?

The Lighting Sales Manager is responsible for selling a wide range of commercial, industrial and retail lighting, lamps and luminaries for lighting manufacturers. Most Lighting Sales Manager roles are field-based and require travel in order to sell to consultants and contractors in a specific area of the country.

What skills does a Lighting Sales Manager need?

Lighting Sales Managers will be highly skilled in sales and project management, they will also be self-driven able to work to specific sales targets. Lighting Sales Managers will have excellent product knowledge of various lighting and luminaries across commercial, retail and industrial spaces.

What does a Lighting Sales Manager earn?

An experienced Lighting Sales Manager can expect to earn from £30,000 up to £55,000 and many company packages for Lighting Sales Managers also include commission, company car allowances, laptops and mobiles.


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